Las Vegas Theft Lawyer Describes Nevada Charge of Pick-Pocketing (NRS 205.270)

pick-pocketingPick-pocketing is often considered a “petty” offense, but it is actually a felony in Nevada. Depending on the victim, probation may not be an option for a pick-pocketing conviction.

Because of the serious nature of a pick-pocketing charge, you should contact a Las Vegas criminal attorney as soon as possible to defend you. There are defenses available to the Nevada crime of pick-pocketing that can help you avoid jail time or expensive fines, and a lawyer is in the best position to negotiate your sentence.

Legal Definition of Pick-Pocketing in Nevada

Pick-pocketing actually has a technical name in Nevada: the “taking property from person of another under circumstances not amounting to robbery.”

Robbery involves the use of force or the threat of force to remove property from on a person’s body, such as in a mugging. Pick-pocketing is different because the victim does not know that property has been stolen; he or she does not feel fear or threatened at all.

Special Victims of Pick-Pocketing

Nevada law treats certain victims of pick-pocketing differently from others. If a person is older (usually someone over the age of 60) or has a physical handicap, there are increased penalties for pick-pocketing them.

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Evidence in Pick-Pocketing Cases

Pick-pocketing crimes are on the rise, especially in downtown Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department recently started a decoy program to catch pick-pocketing when it happens. Therefore, testimony of police officers may likely be evidence in a pick-pocketing case.

Sentences for Pick-Pocketing in Las Vegas, Nevada

Like other theft crimes the sentence for a pick-pocketing conviction will depend on the value of the property stolen.

  • Pick-pocketing of property less than $3,500 involves a Category C felony. Category C felonies carry 1 to 4 years in a Nevada prison and fines up to $5,000;
  • Pick-pocketing of property worth more than $3,500 results in a Category B felony. A Category B felony can result in jail time of 1 to 10 years and fines up to $10,000.

All theft crimes in Nevada require restitution to the victim on top of all the other penalties.

Plea Deals in Nevada Pick-Pocketing Cases

An experienced defense lawyer may be able to get your charges reduced to petit larceny, especially for a first time offense. In most cases, petit larceny is a misdemeanor, which means the penalties are not as harsh as the penalties for pick-pocketing, which is a felony.

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Nick Wooldridge – a skillful Las Vegas defense lawyer – can discuss your case and your rights if you have been arrested for pick-pocketing. Contact LV Criminal Defense as soon as you can to avoid having a felony record for a pick-pocketing conviction in Nevada.


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