5 Shocking Crimes in Recent Las Vegas History Las Vegas embraces everything base in human nature. It’s not a shock the city is also home to a collection of shocking crimes. One of the city’s more famous crimes, the killing of rapper Tupac Shakur, is not here because you can see the gruesome elsewhere.

You’ll want to read about Shakur.

Here are several notorious crimes in Vegas and none involve O.J. Simpson.

Hilton Arson

Phillip Cline worked, for two days, as a waiter at the hotel made famous by Elvis. A fire started in the 8th-floor elevator lobby, and he alerted guests to get out. Cline told detectives he used a trash can to toss water on the fire which consumed the structure, killing 8 and injuring over 190 more.

At first the public praised Cline for his quick actions, detectives became curious when he made a slip and told the enforcement he “filled a trash can with fire.” Questioned further, Cline owned up to his crime and found guilty of eight counts of murder and sent to prison for life.

Massacre in the Supermarket

America was been plagued by mass shootings, and Vegas did not get an exemption. On June 3, 1999, Zane Floyd, we, walked into an Albertson’s supermarket with a 12-gauge where he shot an employee. Floyd entered the store, roamed around and killed three more employees.

Surveillance footage showed Floyd chasing his last victim, Zachary Emenegger before shooting him in the back.

Having shot everyone he found, Floyd attempted to run for it, but law enforcement surrounded the building. Following a standoff, where the shooter threatened to shoot himself; Floyd arrested and sentenced to death.

Biker Bandit

No many areas are not covered with surveillance cameras like the Las Vegas strip. Because of the coverage, very few are robbed and when they are, the bad guy is apt to be caught fairly quick. This may be one of the boldest casino heists in Vegas history — and the bad guy almost got away.

On December 14, 2000, a man parked his motorcycle in front of Bellagio and walked inside. Still wearing his helmet, the man pulled a gun at a craps table. The dealer gave up his chips, and the robber ran back to his bike and disappeared in the heavy traffic.

Police caught up with Anthony Carleo, 29 when the Biker Bandit tossed a $25,000 chip into a Salvation Army bellringer’s bucket.

Al Bramlet Murder

Al Bramlet enjoyed being the head of the Las Vegas Culinary Worker Local Union; a position he held for twenty years, from the 50s to the early 70s. The union, Local 226, one of the most powerful unions in the country, representing an overwhelming quantity of service jobs in Vegas. Bramlet’s power didn’t rest on his ability to organize, but also his ruthlessness in using violence to achieve goals.

In January 1977, two bombs Bramlet planted in front of two restaurants failed to explode. Tomas and Granby Hanley — father and son — were the inept duo hired by Bramlet to bomb the eateries. When the bombs failed to explode, Bramlet refused to pay them for the failed attacks.

The Hanleys kidnapped Bramlet and headed into the desert. Hikers found Bramlet’s body found three weeks later, and the father-son hit man team got life in prison.

Kidnapping of Steve Wynn’s Daughter

Steve Wynn, the CEO of the company that owned Treasure Island just returned home in 1993 when he got a call from a man who claimed to have kidnapped Wynn’s daughter.

The kidnappers demanded $2.5 million in ransom for the 26-year old but settled for $1.5 million. Wynn got the money together and left it in a parked car a few miles from the Vegas strip. The kidnappers contacted Wynn and told him his daughter would be found at McCarran International Airport. She was, and Wynn found his daughter tied up, but safe.

The kidnappers were caught when Ray Cuddy, a sporting club manager, walked into a Ferrari dealership with $200K in cash and demanded to buy a new Ferrari. When Cuddy returned a few days later to sign the paperwork, the FBI watched . Cuddy and his partner, Jacob Sherwood, were sentenced to decades in prison.