Death row in Ely, Nevada

Nevada Death Row Inmate Dies by Suicide

The Nevada Department of Corrections is sad to report that 49-year-old inmate Norman Belcher has been pronounced deceased. Belcher reportedly passed away on May 30 as a result of what the coroner suspects was suicide. He was being held at Ely State.

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Memorial day accident in Las Vegas

Multiple Fatalities Over Memorial Day Weekend

According to police, one man was discovered on May 25th at around 12:52 A.M. Metropolitan Police Officers said they found the deceased victim with a clear stab wound while they were patrolling a walking trail in the 2600 block of South Lamb.

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Child abuse felony in las vegas

Daycare Worker Arrested for Felony Child Abuse

On May 17, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrested 33-year-old Eryka Westover after a lengthy investigation into her behavior. Unfortunately, Westover was a teacher at the time of the arrest, and she formerly worked at a daycare around young children. She.

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Murder indictment in Las Vegas, NV

Former Nevada Politician Indicted for Murder

On April 25th, a Clark County grand jury officially voted to indict Daniel Rodimer, a former politician who ran to become a congressional candidate in Nevada. Police believe the victim, identified as Christopher Tapp, and the suspect were both attending a party.

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A crash after DUI in Las Vegas, NV

DUI Suspect Doesn’t Remember Crash that Killed 2

Authorities say the 64-year-old suspect, Cynthia Phelps, was speeding at an estimated 65 mph in a 45 mph zone. She was also driving in the wrong direction. According to witnesses and the arrest report, the suspect did not make any attempts to.

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police standoff in Las Vegas

Suspect Found Deceased After Multi-Day Standoff

Police in Las Vegas are dismayed to inform the public that a Henderson resident has passed away after a multi-day standoff with police. According to authorities in Henderson, the incident ended without any other injuries when police discovered the armed and barricaded.

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street race in Las Vegas, NV

Street Race Kills 2 Teens

Police reported that the accident led to two fatalities, and the victims were both minor teenagers. Police say the incident occurred last month on March 1, and the whole ordeal was caught on camera. The 26-year-old suspect, Jacob Michael Ybarra, was reportedly.

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sentencing of a Las vegas shooter

LV Man Sentenced to 8 Years to Life after Shooting Rampage

40-year-old Eddie Rabon recently pleaded guilty to attempted murder and first-degree kidnapping on March 28th after a 2023 shooting rampage incident. According to court records, the original incident happened back on April 13, 2023. Rabon was living at a home with his.

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