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School District Lied About Violent Police Encounter

According to reports, a black student was allegedly thrown to the ground unjustly and the school district wasn’t honest about what happened. After the original incident occurred, cellphone video spread online, and the footage contradicted the school district’s official reporting of what.

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FBI Arrests Vegas Resident for Jan 6

One Las Vegas resident, 51-year-old Mario Gonzalez, was arrested and charged with a felony count of obstruction of law enforcement during the ordeal. According to reports, Gonzalez allegedly sprayed a fire extinguisher in the direction of law enforcement officials during the ordeal..

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man arrested for shooting in Las Vegas

Wanted Man Arrested After Attempted Shoot Out

On December 20th at around 9 A.M., detectives were conducting an investigation near 1st Street and North Mineral Road when they spotted a man on an ATV. As the man approached the authorities, the detectives on-site immediately recognized the individual as 27-year-old.

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UNLV hitman

UNLV Gunman Had a Hit List

The whole country is devastated after hearing that a 67-year-old gunman opened fire at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas and killed at least three faculty members. According to police, the gunman’s ten-minute rampage was intentional and well-planned out. Police say.

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man shot by police in las Vegas

Grieving Father Shot by Police in Confrontation

The community of Las Vegas is devastated after a fatal shooting took place at around 2:55 A.M. on Saturday, November 25th. The officer-involved shooting centered around a mentally distressed citizen who was in dire straits. According to police records, the authorities were.

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Multiple Arrests After Downtown Shooting

Reports from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirm that a shooting occurred north of Downtown Las Vegas on Tuesday, November 14th. Upon arriving to the scene of the shooting, authorities found at least one person who was suffering from a gunshot.

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Nevada Man Arrested After Threatening Senator

We can already see how that conflict is starting to impact Americans as one 43-year-old Las Vegas resident was recently arrested for threatening his U.S. Senator over their views on the ordeal. The U.S. Senator, Jacky Rosen, represents Nevada and has been.

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Former Prosecutor Arrested for Luring Minor for Sex

Up until mid-October, Tanner Castro was viewed as an upstanding citizen who worked as a Clark County prosecutor. Unfortunately, that reputation has all but crumbled away as Castro was recently arrested after being accused of attempting to lure a child for sex..

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Stanley Cup Mass Shooting Avoided

According to police records, the Stanley Cup game in Vegas was recently a target for one man, 34-year-old Matthew DeSavio, but thankfully, the plot was foiled by police. DeSavio was apprehended just hours before the Stanley Cup game was set to begin.

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Girlfriend Fatally Stabs Boyfriend During Fight

At around 4 PM on September 2nd, Las Vegas police were called out to the 2900 block of Black Forest Drive. When they arrived, officers unfortunately discovered a male victim who was suffering from a knife wound. Emergency medical responders promptly rushed.

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