LV Police officer shot

School Resource Officer Shot by 18-Year-Old

According to the National Institute of Justice, 71% of schools reported at least one violent crime during the 2017-2018 school year. Sadly, the Clark County School District knows this fact all too well after the recent controversial shooting of a campus security.

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Hell's angels in Nevada

Hell’s Angels Shootout Suspects Get Charges Reduced

Back in the early days of spring in 2022, a freeway shooting broke out along a Las Vegas freeway. At the time, authorities investigating the situation determined that the shootout occurred between two rival motorcycle gangs. As a result of the situation,.

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Indigenous crime in las vegas

Dances with Wolves Star Facing 18 Felonies

The movie “Dances with Wolves” was the fourth-highest grossing film in 1990, and it was also the best money maker for Orion Pictures in general. These stats alone helped make Nathan Chasing Horse, an actor in the film, a very recognizable name.

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Robin Lehner bankruptcy fraud in Las Vegas

Golden Knight Goaltender Facing Bankruptcy Fraud Charges

Robin Lehner, a well-known goaltender for the Golden Knights, was recently accused of committing fraud while attempting to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. According to initial reports, Lehner filed for bankruptcy in December. In the filing, he reported owing over $27.3.

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teenager fatally shot in Las Vegas

Teenager Fatally Shot in Central Vegas

At around 9:17 P.M. on March 25th, authorities were called out to the 200 block of East Flamingo Road after hearing reports of a shooting. When they arrived at the scene, they found a 17-year-old male suffering from a gunshot wound. Emergency.

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airbnb search warrants in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Police Spot Checking Airbnb Units

Short-term rentals, like Airbnb units, have become a very popular option for travelers who want to enjoy a new location without checking into a hotel. According to recent statistics, about 60% of Airbnb users are millennials. With so many younger people seeking.

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death in Las Vegas community

Woman Fatally Shot in Front Yard of Gated Community

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police report responding to calls about gunshots at around 9:07 A.M. on February 27th. The incident occurred on Venus Lake Court, which is surprisingly a part of a gated community. When authorities arrived, they discovered a female suffering from.

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stand off in Las Vegas

Wanted Man Arrested After Stand Off

At around 8:55 A.M. on February 17th, police in Las Vegas received an alert about a “wanted” and armed suspect who was allegedly barricading himself inside of a residence. While it’s unclear what alerted the police to the situation, it’s said that.

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reckless driving in Las Vegas

Rex’s Law May Increase Reckless Driving Penalties

Soon, Senator Jeff Stone and Assemblyman Toby Yurek plan on introducing Rex’s Law for consideration to the Legislature. Rex’s law is a bill that addresses the current criminal penalties associated with reckless driving fatalities, and it was all inspired by the tragic.

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