Oath Keepers Convicted for Seditious Conspiracy

On that day, thousands of Patriots descended on the Capitol building in support of former President Donald Trump and in protest of the certification of Joe Biden as the new president. Originally, most people who were in the area were there to.

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terrorism charges in Las Vegas

Man Tampers With Power Grid: Charged with Terrorism

Across the country, there has been a marked increase in attacks on power grids and power stations. The latest of these attacks, which occurred on January 4, occurred at the Mega Solar Array facility on U.S. 93. According to Metro Police, Mohammed.

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Federal crimes in Minnesota

Mall of America Shooting Fatal for 19-Year-Old

Just two days before Christmas, tragedy struck in Minnesota when a shootout left a 19-year-old teenager fatally shot. According to initial reports, the incident occurred at the Mall of America. Everything appeared to be going normal with a huge swarm of holiday.

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woman arrested in Las Vegas

Woman Arrested After Boyfriend Found Stabbed in Apartment

At around 10:45 P.M. on Thursday, December 8th, authorities in east Las Vegas rushed out to the Citrus Apartments near East Charleston Boulevard to respond to a domestic violence incident. Upon arriving at the scene, police discovered a man suffering from multiple.

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intimidating with a deadly weapon

Blueface Arrested on Weapons-Related Charges

The infamous rapper Blueface is no stranger to controversy, but now, he’s found himself amid some drama that might result in criminal charges. According to recent reports, the rapper was near a Las Vegas strip club in October when an altercation broke.

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Hostage held in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Hostage Situation Turns Fatal

The Las Vegas community is dismayed after a recent tragedy has left one resident fatally shot after a police interaction. According to initial reports, The Las Vegas Police Department was originally called out to a household at around 12:21 PM on November.

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intimidating a public official

Former Politician Arrested in Fatal Stabbing of Reporter

Cancel culture can have some dire consequences, and the community of Las Vegas is currently witnessing what can happen when the media publishes a negative story about someone. According to authorities, a former Las Vegas politician, Robert Telles, was indicted late in.

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mass stabbing Las Vegas strip

Mass Stabbing on Las Vegas Strip: 2 Killed, 6 Injured

According to initial reports, a 32-year-old man, later identified as Yoni Barrios, was near the 3100 block of Las Vegas Boulevard South at around 11:40 A.M. The man was reportedly armed with a large kitchen knife, but it’s unclear why he was.

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LV Couple Found Deceased in Murder-Suicide

The community of southwest Las Vegas is in a state of grief after learning that two citizens are deceased after an apparent murder and suicide. Police say that they were called out to a residence on Chisolm Trail, which is near South.

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