Death row in Ely, NevadaThe Nevada Department of Corrections is sad to report that 49-year-old inmate Norman Belcher has been pronounced deceased. Belcher reportedly passed away on May 30 as a result of what the coroner suspects was suicide. He was being held at Ely State Prison at the time of the incident.

Reports show that Belcher was originally placed in prison in 2010. The suspect was accused of fatally shooting 15-year-old Alexus Postorino. The minor was reportedly an innocent victim who was killed due to Belcher’s misconception that she was the daughter of a drug dealer who had shut him out of a profitable drug trade.

The youngster was in her father’s bedroom when Belcher pulled up, shot the minor four times at close range, and then fled away.

The evidence in Belcher’s case was overwhelming, and he was convicted of first-degree murder in December of 2010. He was also convicted of additional charges including attempted murder, battery with the use of a deadly weapon causing substantial bodily harm, and an enhancement due to the use of a deadly weapon.

At the time, Belcher specifically requested to be placed on death row. He wanted to be sentenced to the death penalty. At the time, Belcher was adamant that his decision was based on the fact that he didn’t want to be housed with other inmates and instead wanted to be alone. Looking back, it may be that Belcher’s guilt was clouding his judgment.

Sadly, Belcher was on death row for many years before eventually successfully attempting to end it all.

Understand Your Rights and Options After Committing a Crime

Having a guilty consciousness after committing a crime is natural for most, so if you’ve recently been arrested and you’re feeling remorseful, then please understand it is a normal response to the situation you’re going through. That said, you should never base your legal decisions or the path of your life based on temporary emotions, like remorse or guilt.

Even if you did commit the crime, you have the right to explore all the legal defenses available to you under the law. What’s more, you always have the right to weigh out your options and consider the best legal strategy. You should never feel compelled to accept or request the death penalty or a longer sentence than you really should get.

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