Las Vegas Drug Crimes Defense Attorney Explains Drug Trafficking Laws

Nevada has strict rules regulating controlled substances. If you are caught with drugs in your possession that you don’t have a prescription for or legitimate right to have, you could find yourself facing criminal charges. There are many different kinds of drug crimes you could be charged with, and all drug offenses are taken very seriously by the state.

While you could be jailed and be left with a permanent criminal record even for simple possession of controlled substances, some crimes related to drugs are much more serious than others. In particular, one of the most serious of the drug offenses you could be charged with is a drug trafficking crime.

Drug trafficking is illegal under laws in the state of Nevada as well as under federal laws. The penalties are very harsh whenever you are charged with any drug trafficking offense and you need to make certain that you are represented by an attorney who is prepared to handle challenging drug crimes cases if you have been accused of trafficking in controlled substances.

LV Criminal Defense is here to help. Our Vegas defense firm has provided representation to defendants accused of state or federal drug trafficking crimes. We provide help no matter what type of substance you have been accused of trafficking and we fight for your rights in and out of court as you respond to drug trafficking charges.

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Nevada Laws on Drug Trafficking

Nevada laws on controlled substances are found within Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 453. This chapter of Nevada law defines the different types of substances that are considered controlled substances and which are thus subject to restrictions. Substances are divided into different schedules of drugs, with Schedule I drugs considered the most dangerous drugs without proven medical purposes and Schedule IV considered the least high-risk of controlled substances with legitimate medical uses.

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Illegal drugs, street drugs, man-made controlled substances, chemicals, and even prescription medications are all found within different categories of controlled substances that are regulated within the state of Nevada. Some of the many substances that have been classified as controlled substances include LSD, heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, crack, codeine, opiates, LDS, oxycontin, methamphetamine, morphine, and more.

Defendants can be charged with possession of any of these substances, or can be charged with possession with intent to sell. For many types of controlled substances, defendants can also be charged with trafficking, which is one of the most serious of the drug crimes that could lead to charges.

There are several statutes that detail the elements of drug trafficking offenses, including Nevada Revised Statute section 453.3385, Nevada Revised statute section 453.339, Nevada Revised Statute section 453.3395, and Nevada Revised Statute section 453.3405. These statutes, respectively, address trafficking in controlled substances other than marijuana; trafficking in marijuana; trafficking in schedule II controlled substances; and sentence reductions for trafficking in schedule II controlled substances.

Within the statutes related to trafficking, the crime is defined to include intentionally selling, manufacturing, delivering, or bringing into Nevada, any controlled substance that is covered by the particular law. For example, N.R.S. 453.3385 defines the crime of trafficking in schedule I controlled substances, including flunitrazepam, gamma-hydroxybutyrate, and schedule I substances other than marijuana. The statutes also impose penalties for trafficking in immediate precursors to controlled substances listed in Schedule I, which means that a defendant can be charged if he has substances in his possession that could easily be made into a controlled substance.

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Penalties for trafficking offenses vary depending upon both whether the substance is a schedule I drug or not as well as depending upon the amount of the drug in your possession or under your control. For example, under N.R.S. 453.3385, trafficking in schedule I controlled substances can result in category B felony charges if the defendant has at least four grams but less than 14 grams of the controlled substance. The minimum penalty for a schedule B felony under these circumstances is one year imprisonment and a maximum penalty is six years imprisonment and a fine totaling as much as $50,000.

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If the defendant has more than 14 grams but less than 28 grams, the defendant could still be charged with a category B felony, but would face harsher penalties including a minimum term of imprisonment of two years and a maximum prison term of 15 years along with a fine up to $100,000.

If the defendant has more than 28 grams of a schedule I controlled substance, the defendant can be charged with a category A felony, penalties for which could include the potential of life in prison with the possibility of parole after 10 years or which could include a 25-year sentence with eligibility for parole starting after 10 years have passed.

Because of the severity of the penalties, it’s important to get help from a Las Vegas drug trafficking lawyer.

Federal Laws on Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking and related offenses are also illegal under federal law. If you are charged with a federal crime, you could be looking at a much more complicated court process and could be facing even more serious penalties than those imposed by the state of Nevada.

You need a Vegas defense lawyer with the experience to handle drug trafficking cases. LV Criminal Defense is the firm to turn to because we have handled cases in federal court and served as effective advocates for our clients facing charges under these high-stakes circumstances.


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