Federal and Nevada State Wire and Mail Fraud Laws and Penalties

Fraudulently presenting claim to public officerWire fraud is prosecuted on a regular basis in the federal courts in Nevada because electronic communications and the mail are so commonly used in fraudulent schemes of different types, such as healthcare fraud and mortgage fraud for example. These federal crimes must involve communications across state lines to be prosecuted in federal court, otherwise they will be prosecuted in a Nevada state court.

Although these crimes are charged very often, they still carry extremely high penalties and tarnish a person’s record. An experienced criminal defense lawyer in Nevada, such as Nick Wooldridge, can defend you against these charges and work to reduce or dismiss them.

Nevada Legal Definition and Sentencing for Wire Fraud (18 USC 1343)

Wire fraud uses electronic communications, including email and television, to advertise a scheme to defraud another person out of money, property, or services based on false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises.

Punishment for Wire Fraud in Nevada

A conviction for wire fraud carries up to 20 years in a federal prison and thousands of dollars in fines and penalties, with the exact amount depending on how severe the case

Nevada Legal Definition and Sentencing for Mail Fraud (18 USC 1341)

Mail fraud uses a scheme to defraud another person to obtain money, property, or services using false pretenses, representations, or promises, and uses a post office or the mail to complete the scheme.

Mail fraud can also include selling, disposing, loaning, or exchanging counterfeit coins or legal documents through the mail.

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Punishment for Mail Fraud in Nevada

A person convicted of mail fraud in Nevada can be sent to a federal prison for up to 20 years and can be fined thousands of dollars with the exact amount depending on the facts of each case.

Intent and Materiality Elements of Wire Fraud Crimes in Nevada

Just like other fraud crimes such as bank fraud and mortgage fraud, mail and wire fraud requires the government to prove that you acted intentionally for the purpose of defrauding another person, rather than innocently or by mistake.

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Also, these charges must involve the misrepresentation of a material (meaning, very important) fact that another person would rely on. Misrepresenting a minor detail that is not of central importance to the message carried by mail or wire would not necessarily support charges for wire and mail fraud crimes in Nevada.

The intent and materiality elements must be proven by the government to convict you of wire fraud in a federal court in Nevada. A good criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas can investigate whether the government has enough evidence to prove these elements, and if not, can work to reduce or dismiss the charges completely.

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Wire and mail fraud are usually prosecuted with other fraud crimes in Nevada, which means that the total amount of jail time and penalties can be exorbitant. Even if you complete the jail time and manage to pay the fines, wire and mail fraud convictions on your record can have a terrible impact on your future.

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