Vegas Lawyer Explains Duty to Report Crimes Against KidsLas Vegas police are asking help from the public in identifying four males who have been involved in a series of convenience store thefts in a 48 hour span, one of which has left a 7-eleven cashier in critical condition.

Metro lieutenants Jack Clemons and Dan McGrath were on the crime scene and viewed the security footage of the robbery. By emphasizing images of the six robbers, the police were able to see the unmasked faces of two of them. Suspects are described as juvenile, Hispanic males. Metro Detective Dan McGrath stated in a media briefing that it appears that all four suspects are aged between 15-20 and should be considered armed and very dangerous.

It appears that the robberies started the first weekend of June on a Saturday morning and continued through till Monday morning. During the second robbery at the convenience store,  one of the suspects opened fire on the 7-eleven cashier. The robbers then stole cigarettes and a total of $26 from the cash register. The cashier is currently at Sunrise Hospital in critical condition. There is no word on his prognosis yet.

Upon reviewing videos from all stores, police believe that three of the four suspects robbed the stores while the fourth waited in a nearby getaway car, which has been reported as a tan-colored four-doors sedan. The suspects are believed to be involved in six robberies so far.

The police have advised convenience store owners to be on the lookout for these suspects. They also recommend that they should cooperate with the suspects rather than argue. Further, police have advised the store owners to keep little money in the cash register. Said Lt McGrath, “no life is worth $200 in the drawer.”

In addition to the robbery at this 7 eleven store, these men have also robbed Terrible Herbst, Speedee Mart, Circle K and Rebel stores that are located in West Valley near Summerlin.

Because of the obvious location of these stores, it appears there was not much direction or planning on the part of the robbers.

Such convenience store robberies were once common a decade ago but have started to become more frequent again. It appears that during the summer months, these robberies are common. While convenience stores have installed security cameras and have started to have little cash in the register, there is no protection against a gun. The best thing is to avoid confrontation and give the robbers what they want.

Police have asked the public to contact them with any information at 702 828 3855 and to contact Crime Stoppers at 702 385 5555 if they wish to remain anonymous.