After promises not to investigate, the federal government is still raiding Nevada homes and charging people with marijuana crimes. Here is what you need to know so you don’t leave your rights and freedom to chance.


Marijuana legalization is in the news almost every day as states across the country start allowing medical or even recreational use of the popular drug. It would seem that legal means legal, but with marijuana it is not that simple.


Marijuana is regulated by the federal government. The feds make marijuana use, possession, and sale a crime. But states are stepping into to pass their own laws which allow some marijuana use. The feds still say that marijuana is illegal and these state laws don’t matter, but President Obama has said publicly that he does not want enforcement of federal marijuana laws to be a priority.



The arrest of Christopher McDermott, a 36 year old Las Vegas resident, earlier this month goes to show that just because medical marijuana is legal in Nevada does not mean that the federal government will not get involved.


Mr. McDermott was charged with the federal crime of conspiracy to distribute marijuana and related crimes because he was delivering medical marijuana to patients who have legitimate prescriptions for it. It is not clear yet whether the government plans to make an example of him in a state where marijuana is legal for medical purposes, to show that the government disagrees with legalization.


What should you do if you have been arrested for a marijuana crime in Nevada?

We cannot take for granted that the feds will not get involved in a marijuana case. You need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer to try to keep the charges in state court and under state law. Call Attorney Nick Wooldridge today to discuss your case and how completing drug court can help get the charges dismissed for certain marijuana crimes.