attemped jailbreak of a las vegas kidnapperNegasi Zuberi, a 29-year-old Klamath Falls resident, was arrested back in July on federal charges in Nevada. He was then transported to Oregon to face his charges, which include two counts of interstate kidnapping. He’s also accused of transporting a woman with the intent to engage in a sexual activity. Reports suggest that Zuberi also may have locked the victim in a garage area of his home.

Zuberi initially pleaded not guilty to all his charges.

Zuberi is awaiting his trial, and he isn’t officially considered guilty of his crimes. Despite that, he is still being held behind bars at the Jackson County jail. Unfortunately, reports suggest that Zuberi isn’t handling the situation well.

The inmate is now facing additional charges of second-degree escape and first-degree criminal mischief after attempting to break out of his jail cell. Zuberi’s escape attempts were quickly discovered when a maintenance worker heard an unusual noise coming from the cells. He alerted the police, who promptly discovered Zuberi inside of his cell near a broken window.

Officers seized a screw-like device that Zuberi had been using to strike and shatter glass inside of his cell. The device was reportedly attached to the inmate’s shoe. The inmate also tried to cover up his escape attempts by covering the shattered glass area with books and paper, but officers were able to see through the attempted cover up immediately.

Officers say that replacing the damaged window will cost at least $2,000.

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Unfortunately, Zuberi’s actions aren’t helping at all. In fact, it’s likely making his situation far worse, and he’s more likely to experience a less-favorable legal outcome now as a result of his decisions.

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