murder in Las Vegas busOn Thursday, April 14th, most Americans were preparing for a joy-filled Easter weekend, but police in Las Vegas were responding to a fatal stabbing near 4680 S Maryland Parkway. According to initial reports, a 31-year-old suspect and a male victim were both riding along the public bus in Las Vegas.

Suddenly, the two men got into a verbal altercation. One of the men attempted to exit the bus near UNLV, and the other man followed to continue the argument. The 31-year-old suspect reportedly pulled out a nine-to-ten inch knife and stabbed the other male.

Thankfully, the duo was across the street from an In-N-Out Burger where a security guard witnessed the stabbing take place. The security guard sprinted outside and confronted the suspect. The security guard was wielding a taser and was able to detain the suspect while witnesses called 911. The good news is that police officers were at the scene within 30 seconds, which is an incredible response time. The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital, while the suspect was taken into police custody immediately.

Despite the fast response of emergency responders, the victim was later declared deceased at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center.

Authorities later confirmed to the media that they would be pursuing murder charges in this situation. Further investigations revealed that the alleged perpetrator has a criminal record. He was currently on probation for a 2019 criminal case where he reportedly committed assault with a deadly weapon.

Murder Charges in Vegas: What to Know

Murder charges in Las Vegas are penalized very seriously. In fact, Nevada still uses the death penalty in some situations. If prosecutors don’t believe the death penalty is warranted, then you’ll still face very serious consequences if you’re convicted of murder, which could be:

  • Life in prison without the passivity of parole
  • Life with the eligibility of parole after 20 years served
  • 50 years in prison with the eligibility for parole after 20 years

If you’re charged with a lesser-degree murder charge, then you could still end up facing 25 years in prison with the possibility of parole after ten years.

Criminal Defenses to Murder

Here at LV Criminal Defense, we believe murder is the most serious charge a person can face. A conviction will not only result in permanent, life-altering consequences, but it will also leave you imprisoned for a significant amount of time. Even upon getting released from prison, you’ll struggle to cope with the stigma of being a convicted murderer for the rest of your life. In some cases, you could even face the death penalty.

The only way to prevent those consequences from coming to pass is to avoid a conviction. Doing so is possible with the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney. If you’re facing murder charges, then don’t hesitate to speak with an attorney ASAP.

Contact our office now to speak with one of our attorneys about your charges in more detail.