Brush your teeth, fix your tie, gargle your listerine, grab your briefcase and keys.  Jump in the car, but it won’t start.  Waiting….you blow again, the car still won’t start, the listerine is the culprit.

I am picturing a local bar with all the cars running in the parking lot.  Might be a good arrangement for car theives.  Or maybe a college student hanging out in the parking lot blowing in people’s breathalyzers for $10.00 per car.

Lawrence Taylor writes about a new weapon in the war on drunk driving here.  USA Today has an article on the subject here.

This is ridiculous.  It’s not illegal to have alcohol and then drive.  What would be the cutoff BAC for the ignition to turn over?  Would the manufacturer get their butt sued off when the device malfunctioned and someone gets hurt?  Could it happen?  Yep.