Clintons Named in RICO Civil Lawsuit

It’s been a gristly span for the Clinton’s. Hillary’s email was incessantly on news shows and she forfeited the White House race to a reality-show personality.

As if that wasn’t enough, she and Bill are facing an on-going civil lawsuit by an attorney that claims Jesus spoke to him in his car on Ventura Boulevard — the attorney’s car, not Jesus’.

Larry Klayman, a onetime Department of Justice prosecuting attorney, filed, in 2015 a RICO-linked civil suit against former-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. The March 24 lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of Florida, accuses the Clintons and the foundation of committing criminal violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO.

Klayman, in his suit, accused the Clintons of participating in a criminal enterprise between 2005 & 2015 with the goal of getting rich quick. According to court documents filed by Klayman and his group, Freedom Watch, the Clintons utilized mail and wire fraud and failed to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests registered by Klayman.

Klayman specifically wanted documents about allegations Hillary Clinton released classified Israeli war and cyber-warfare plans. Klayman believed that Clinton’s action, along with exorbitant speaking fees, was tantamount to selling “government influence in exchange for bribes.”

Maybe Jesus is on his side.

Jesus Take the Wheel

In January 2017, Klayman spoke with Katie Bo Williams, writer of “Why I’m Not Scared,” for

According to Klayman, he encountered Jesus in 208 while rolling down Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Klayman says that Jesus spoke to him in the car, saying, “Larry, you’re a revolutionary.” Klayman says he felt a feeling of “positivity and warmth.”

According to Klayman, Jesus went on to say, “Larry, you’re working for me now. You’re not like me — obviously. You will pay the price, but I’m there with you.”

Jesus maybe on Klayman’s side, but critics see the attorney as racist, a frivolous litigator and a conspiracy theorist. Others see him as a buffoon.

A 2000 installment of “The West Wing” parodied Klayman as “Larry Claypool,” a self-righteous, partisan litigator who directed a group called “Freedom Watch” which stalked fictional-President TK’s every move.

When HRC appeared to set to become the first woman president, Klayman ramped up the attack-dog role he cloaked in when Bill was in The White House.

When Trump won unexpectedly, Klayman said Trump could prove “greater than Reagan.”

Klayman’s current client is a computer technician, Dennis Montgomery, who allegedly scammed the federal government into buying counterterrorism software that doesn’t exist. Klayman labels Montgomery a whistleblower and claims America’s federal intelligence agencies have scraped confidential information of over one hundred judges.

Most of Klayman’s cases never get traction. He’s been formally disciplined multiple times, and a federal court of appeals noted twelve cases where Klayman’s capability to “practice law in an ethical manner was summoned  into question.”

Klayman, 65, is impervious to criticism. He proudly shows people a 2013 on-air argument with CNN’s Don Lemon and The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin where Toobin referred to Klayman as a “tin-foil hatted paranoid.” Lennon ultimately tossed Klayman from the show.

Despite his many critics and outspoken concerns, Klayman claims he is not afraid — thank’s to Jesus visiting him in his car amidst the City of Angels.