Deputy From Carson City Shot Dead While On DutyA tragedy happened on early Saturday, as a Nevada sheriff’s deputy was gunned down while visiting a home due to domestic violence issues.

The perpetrator died later and his body was found after 2 a.m. on the same location in east Carson City, where he had confronted the deputy.

According to the sheriff’s officials, the deputies went to the location due to a report of domestic violence, where they came across an injured woman. Suddenly, a man emerged from the house and started firing on them and one of the deputies was killed.

An anonymous eye witness said that she woke up when she heard the gunshots and saw the man firing the shots and killing the deputy. She further saw a second deputy dragging out the slain deputy from the house and further gunfire was exchanged after that.

More officers got involved and three children ranging from age 8 to 13 were also taken out of the house.

The perpetrator eventually died, though the details of how it happened are still unclear. Investigation is under process by the Reno Police Department.

The deputies of Carson City were seen consoling each other for the loss of a fellow officer at the crime scene. Full details regarding the deputy and the man who shot him have not been disclosed. However, the president of Nevada State Law Enforcement Officers’ Association, Michael Sean said that the deputy had a wife and four children. Upon expressing his sadness at the incident, he said “It’s a ripple that’s kind of hit all of us very, very hard.”

It’s not very frequent that sheriff’s deputies have been killed on duty in Carson City. Since 1867, this has been the first time that such a thing has happened. In Nevada, the last time a law enforcement officer was killed was in June 2014. Officer Igor Soldo and Officer Alyn R. Beck were shot and killed at a restaurant in Vegas when they were on duty.

A vigil for the slain deputy was set for Saturday 8 p.m in Carson City, at thel Nevada Law Enforcement Memoria.

A statement was released by Gov. Brian Sandoval on Saturday, expressing how deeply he was saddened by this incident. He further said that Nevada lost a fine public servant and that his death was a reminder of the sacrifices that the individuals of the police force make daily to keep the citizens and communities safe.