domestic battery as a second offense in NevadaCandles and flowers were laid out at the very same spot outside a high school in North Las Vegas, where a 16 year old boy died from a gunshot wound.

Walls filled with messages written in chalk in honor of Taylor Brantley, also known as Tay Meez among his friends, further intensified the tragedy of this incident.

Renee Burr, Brantley’s mother stood against the wall filled with messages for her son; she spoke to the supporters about his death and how all she wants now is information about how he died.

“Just ease my pain by letting me know who took my son’s life,” she said.

The unfortunate incident that resulted in Brantley’s death occurred on Friday near Mojave High School, where he was fatally shot. According to the police, around 40 to 50 individuals (including students) were present in an off campus area where a fight was happening. It was during this fight that at least two guns shots were heard.

Brantley was found on a ground outside the school by the police. He was rushed to the Medical Center, where he was declared dead.

Till now there are no suspects in custody and till Monday night no description of the suspect was released by the police.

Antonio Rael, the school principal posted a letter on the school’s Facebook page, in which she expressed her thoughts regarding this tragic incident and offered prayers for the teen’s family. She further said that arrangements have been made to have grief counselors on the campus, as well as tightening the campus security.

To aid in the costs for Brantley’s funeral, a GoFundMe account was set up, which managed to collect $858. The goal is to raise $10,000.

Brantley’s mother mourned for her son at the vigil and embraced her family members to seek comfort in this difficult time. She said that she did not agree with the picture that the media has portrayed of her son as a gun-toting boy. She insisted that her son was a kind soul, otherwise why would so many people come to the vigil to express their love for him.

She also said that all she wants is the truth about what happened to him and no revenge, as violent retaliation will only result in another mother crying and another child dying. She further said she is hopeful that someone will come forward with the details behind the incident and his death would be a stopping point for all violence in the school.