Las Vegas Investigation Points To Patient Abuse

At Las Vegas’ North Vista Hospital, a state investigation found a patient was ignored by the staff and bruises and eye injuries were caused by workers.

According to the state report, the August 2018 incident was triggered by nursing staffs’ failure to assess, document and report injuries and suspected abuse.

The investigation, which was begun in June 2018, began when employees filed complaints against hospital supervisors who closed access doors and trapped patients inside.

The employee found responsible for the abuse was not named in the report.

Multiple employee complaints also accused the hospital nursing staff of falsifying medical records, stealing cash from psychiatric patients and pointed to a psychiatrist who abused drugs on the premises and welcomed strippers into his office.

The State Board of Nursing is the initial point of contact for anyone with a complaint against a nurse or nurse assistant. As well as overseeing complains, the board also issues nursing license and certificates, regulates nursing practice and conducts investigations which may lead to discipline against a certificate or license holder.

The functions comprise the process by which the Board works to fills its mission as it protects the public’s health, safety, and welfare.

Nursing Responsibility

An individual who becomes aware of a violation of the Nevada Nurse Practice Area must first evaluate their response to the board. If a complaint is submitted, the nurse is given due process during the investigation. It won’t be until the investigation is complete that any action is made or a determination is reached to close the complaint or move forward with disciplinary action.

How To File A Complaint

A Coworker Complaint Report is available on the Board’s site or an individual may write a letter to the board. If a written letter is the desired path, the following information must be included:

  • Full name of the nurse (or nursing assistant)
  • License type and number
  • Date the event and/or incident happened
  • Detail specifically what happened
  • Provide pertinent documentation
  • The complainant must include full name, address and contact number.

The letter (or if the form, whichever is used), should be mailed to:

Nevada State Board of Nursing

5011 Meadowood Mall Way, Suite 300,

Reno, NV 89502-6547

The form can be emailed to:

The Takeaway

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services said North Vista will not face any fines, but the hospital is forced to submit a plan of correction and state authorities will follow up.