murder in las vegas tunnelLinal Morris was found deceased back in March in an area under Charlie Frias Park. He was discovered after a “concerned citizen” called the police to alert them about a body in the tunnels.

After further investigating the situation and talking to nearby witnesses, authorities have a clear picture of what they suspect occurred back on that fatal March night.

One witness told police that the 38-year-old suspect and Linal Morris were fighting the night of the murder. She saw the two arguing before it escalated out of control. The suspect told authorities that she witnessed the suspect shoot the victim with a shotgun. Then, he asked the witness to help him move the body further into the tunnel. She refused.

A second witness told police that they saw the suspect carrying the victim deeper into the tunnels a few days after the alleged murder. This second witness also saw the suspect reportedly attempt to dispose of the victim by burning their body. Then, the suspect burned down his temporary encampment within the tunnels to allegedly destroy any evidence of the crime.

The suspect is currently being held without bail on murder charges.

Murder Charges: How to Hire the Best Possible Defense Attorney

As you likely know already, getting charged with murder is a very serious ordeal. A conviction will have life-altering consequences. Keep in mind that Nevada also currently allows capital punishment, so it is possible that Prosecutors can attempt to pursue the death penalty depending on the facts surrounding your situation. Even if the death penalty isn’t sought out, you could still face life in prison without the possibility of parole.

To avoid these consequences, you need to hire a defense attorney with specific experience representing clients accused of murder. Usually, you’d want to hire a local lawyer, but in these situations, it’s okay to expand your search to ensure you hire the very best. Look for a firm that has positive past reviews from clients and past results that back up their experience.

Communicate with your potential lawyer a few times to gauge whether they seem like a good fit to work for you and be sure to take note of whether they appear genuinely interested in helping you secure your freedom. The last thing you want is to end up hiring a lawyer who isn’t invested in your case.

Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas?

If you are ever facing serious criminal charges like murder, homicide, or manslaughter, then you need to seek out legal representation as soon as you can. We suggest utilizing the tips above to ensure that you hire the very best possible defense lawyer. A good lawyer will prove invaluable throughout your situation.

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