Robert Graham, a Las Vegas probate attorney, appears to have walked away with millions belonging to clients. Graham fled his legal practice on W. Charleston according to Nevada’s State Bar.

According to a State Bar statement, Graham locked up his practice on December 2, fired his workers and left client files behind.

An initial analysis shows Graham’s office holding over $13 million in client funds according to Bar Attorney Janeen Isaacson.

“The balance of the funds figure significantly smaller than the $13 million Graham was trusted for safekeeping,” said Isaacson.

Graham had been known for promoting his estate legal practice on TV. He also had branches in Utah and Colorado. State Bar attempts to contact Graham, and his spouse Linda, also an attorney, have not been successful.

“Graham left his clients’ files in space he rented. Eviction appeared to be coming, and Graham did not make any designs for his clients’ to be represented,” the State Bar stated in a Clark County courthouse filing.

On December 9, 2016, the Nevada Supreme Court said Graham “posed a significant menace” of professional danger and provisionally shelved his permit while the bar starts discipline proceedings.

The bar’s grievance claims Graham stole millions in funds belonging his present and previous trust, probate and property clients.

“I don’t’ know any details,” Clark County Administrator John Cahill said in a statement. “He’s always done fine work for us.”

When the state bar requested action, District Judge Jennifer Togliatti named lawyers Jasen and Brandi Cassady to manage the cases. Cassady told reporters she had spent three days carting files from Graham’s former office and placing them in storage.

Southern California probate attorney Robert Wishner said he has a patron who considered herself a victim. Wishner said the client had complained for months that Graham had failed to give her access to over $450,000 in inheritance he was holding from her brother’s Las Vegas death.

“Graham kept delaying and delaying,” Wishner said. “It’s troubling and doesn’t do anything to help lawyers’ image.”