Las Vegas Couple found dead

The community of southwest Las Vegas is in a state of grief after learning that two citizens are deceased after an apparent murder and suicide.

Police say that they were called out to a residence on Chisolm Trail, which is near South Lindell Road and West Hacienda Avenue. Upon arriving, officers discovered both a man and woman suffering from gunshot wounds. Initial investigations led officers to believe that the woman shot the male before turning the weapon on herself. Both individuals were declared deceased at the scene of the crime.

Nevada has made great strides in reducing the suicide rates over the last several years, but it remains a serious concern. If you are at risk of committing suicide or someone you know seems to be at risk, then the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services recommends reaching out to Crisis Support Services of Nevada. You can get in touch by calling either (800) 273-8255 or by texting CARE to 839863. For more details about how you can help prevent suicide, you can also contact Misty Vaughan Allen with Project Aware at


Preventing Suicide by Increasing Awareness

Another thing you can do to help prevent suicide is to make the consequences of attempted suicide/murder well-known. Someone in distress needs help and reminding them that they could wind up causing themselves a lot of unnecessary grief and stress if their plans don’t go through can help redirect their thoughts to a different solution.

A suicide/murder that goes wrong could not only lead to severe, life-long injuries like TBIs or even paralysis, but it could also lead to criminal consequences, as well. This is especially true if the murder aspect is successful but your suicide attempt fails. In this type of situation, you could get arrested and convicted of murder in Nevada. Nevada does allow for capital punishment, but only in the most egregious situations. You might not be able to convince a jury or judge to give you the death penalty if they know your intent was to commit suicide. They may think a more fitting penalty would be to keep you in prison for life.

Even if both the murder and the suicide aspects fail, you could still get convicted of a serious firearm offense in Nevada for even firing the weapon. If any injuries resulted, then you could serve a significant amount of time in prison.


Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas?

Have you recently been arrested for committing a firearm-related crime? Regardless of your intent, a judge or jury may not understand the severity of your mental distress when the firearm incident happened. For that reason, it’s crucial to hire a quality criminal defense attorney who can contact an expert witness to testify on your behalf regarding suicidal thoughts, ideation, and behaviors.

Here at LV Criminal Defense, our attorneys can empathize with your situation, and we want to help you move forward with your life. Schedule a consultation with us now to learn more about how we can help.