Ferguson, Missouri Will Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Tensions still run high in Ferguson, Missouri when Michael Brown’s name is mentioned.

Take a seat at Huddle House out on Highway 32, and the conversation is about last night’s Falcon’s  game at the high school or fishing conditions at Lake Pembroke. The voices mix and mingle in a cacophony recognizable to anyone that has eaten in an urban restaurant.

When someone mentions Michael Brown or Darren Wilson, the joint gets quiet, and all ears tune in.

The shots fired in 2014 continue to reverberate in America.

The incident which still captures attention occurred on a nearly empty street near Canfield Green Apartments. The few witnesses told News 4 that Michael Brown, 18, was unarmed and had his hands in the air when he was shot by Darren Wilson, then a Ferguson, police officer.

Dorian Johnson, a buddy of Brown’s, was with the victim when Wilson confronted them and drew his service revolver.

“He (Wilson) shot and my friend felt that shot and turned and put his hands up,” Johnson said to News 4. “He started to get on the ground, and the officer approached him and fired several more shots.”

Esther Haywood, St. Louis County’s NAACP President, told Las Vegas defense lawyer Nick Wooldridge that Brown was shot once by Wilson and then nine more times as he lay bleeding in the street.

Brown’s grandmother, Desuirea Harris, told News 4, “He was a good kid. He didn’t live around here. He came to visit me, and they killed him for no reason.”

As crowds gathered at the scene of the killing, Ferguson Police called for help. Over 100 officers from 15 departments responded to the plea for assistance. Tactical teams in riot gear were deployed, and streets were closed.

Throughout the following week, crowds continued to gather and yell at police demanding justice. At one point shots rang out while investigators collected evidence. That prompted more calls for help from law enforcement officers.


On March 15, 2017, the left-leaning website, AddictingInfo.org reported that Darren Wilson admitted lying about Michael Brown attempting to grab his gun.

In his 2014 testimony, Wilson stated that Brown grabbed his gun as he said, “you are too pussy to shoot me.”

Wilson’s self-defense claim permitted the officer to avoid criminal charges and was popular with conservatives. In a questionnaire related to a civil trial, Wilson admits it never happened.

Wilson stated in the civil hearing that the holster was designed to prevent the scenario he says made him frightened enough to shoot the unarmed teen but also admitted that Brown did NOT attempt to extract the weapon from his holster.

If it is not clear that there was a major miscarriage of justice in not locking Wilson up, there is no help.

Darren Wilson declaring that Michael Brown never grasping for his weapon reminds of the female who confessed Emmett Till never whistled at her.