Inmate escaped in Nevada Authorities say the former inmate, Ashley Daniels, a 32-year-old, was serving a sentence of up to 48 months for the attempted possession of a stolen vehicle when he was granted the work probation release.

On November 21st at around 5 A.M., Nevada authorities say Daniels did not report back to the Casa Grande Transitional Housing unit after he was supposed to be at work. This housing unit is designed to house offenders on parole. Once he was determined missing, a retake arrest warrant was immediately issued.

On December 1st, Daniels was located and rearrested.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a former inmate has walked away from Casa Grande Transitional Housing. Two other individuals, Roberto Munoz and Jeremiah Nichols, also attempted to walk away from the facility within the past few months. Both of those former inmates have been re-arrested and placed back into custody.

Walkaways and Recidivism: The Consequences are Steep

Sadly, doing the crime and then the time isn’t always enough to keep someone from breaking the law again in the future. In fact, recent statistics from 2022 reveal that a whopping 44% of former inmates get rearrested and return to prison within their first year of getting released.

Walking away from parole or probation duties is also becoming a more prevalent trend. If you’re considering attempting to walk away like Daniels and others, then it’s important to understand the consequences. Not only are you likely to get rearrested, but you’ll also likely face additional criminal charges. These new charges could invalidate your work release, parole, or probation terms and have you back behind bars quickly.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, your decision to walk away could mean that you are ineligible to ever get granted parole or probation again. Instead, you’ll have no choice but to serve out your sentence while incarcerated.

If you commit a new crime before getting re-arrested, then your time behind bars will likely increase. The court officials (or a jury) are unlikely to empathize with your situation if it’s revealed that you chose to walk away from previous parole conditions. Your situation is most likely going to go from bad to worse if you make the decision to walk away.

Have You Been Accused of Walking Away or Committing Another Crime in Vegas?

Have you recently been accused of walking away from your probation or parole duties? Have you been charged with a new crime after almost serving out your entire sentence from a previous offense?

If so, then it’s crucial to hire a solid criminal defense attorney. A good defense attorney will work hard to help you secure a better legal outcome and ensure that you get a fair trial despite your decisions.

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