Burglary Hot Spots

Around 1230 burglaries were reported in Vegas in November and this figure does not include automobile break-ins. On an average this accounts to 41 reports in a day.

Burglary differs from robbery and one should not be confused with the other, according to Officer Laura Meltzer. Whereas burglary is the act of entering a unit with the intention to commit a crime, a robbery is defined as theft committed directly from an individual.

Below is a rundown of locations where most burglaries happened. The data source is crimemapping.com and the figures are based on burglary reports and not burglary incidents verified by the police.

Zip code 89108

83 burglaries were reported in this region, which is surrounded by Washington Avenue, U.S. 95 and Rancho Drive. Being the second most populated area out of this list, there were several burglaries reported near Vegas Drive especially near Jones Boulevard, Torrey Pines Drive and Decatur Boulevard.

Zip code 89110

66 burglaries were reported in the most populated zip code on this list, mainly close to the Bonanza Road and Nellis Boulevard intersection and also near Stewart Avenue and Lamb Boulevard.

Zip code 89103

This 50,519 resident area surrounded by Rainbow Boulevard, Interstate 15, Spring Mountain Road and Tropicana Avenue had 60 burglaries reported in locations close to Jones Boulevard and Rochelle Avenue, as well as near Dean Martin Drive and Flamingo Road.

Zip code 89115

Occupied by 58,794 residents, around 52 burglary reports were generated for this vicinity. Surrounded by Interstate 15, Pecos Road, Nellis and Owens Avenue, burglary occurrence was more in parts near Walnut Road and Lake Mead Boulevard. Some incidents of burglary were also reported near Cheyenne Avenue and Nellis Boulevard.

Zip code 89109

52 burglary reports were generated from this area, which comprises most of the Las Vegas Strip.

With 7,770 residents, this zip code is surrounded by Tropicana Avenue, Interstate 15 and Koval Lane till Desert Inn Road, Maryland Parkway and Sahara Avenue.

Below are some tips from the Metro Police that can keep your surroundings safe from burglaries:

  1. Keep the doors locked, windows secured and keep the extra key with a neighbor that you trust. When you make a big purchase, try not to make it too obvious and break down the large boxes into smaller ones when you discard them. Also think about investing in an alarm.
  2. Be a part of the neighborhood watch.
  3. Make sure that the door between the house and the garage is locked and do not leave the garage door opener in the vehicle if it’s parked on the driveway.
  4. Always make it look like someone is home by taking the help of a friend. If you are going on a long vacation, get a friend to pick up your mail and the newspaper and get them to mow the lawn from time to time.
  5. Think about meeting up with a crime prevention specialist. Metro police offers the facility of providing such a specialist to residents.