3d weapons in Las VegasLas Vegas, NV – 3D guns require only several clicks of a mouse, with the schematics for a myriad of weapons costing less than most guns available today. Once purchased, the drawings are sent through a 3D printer, and built without serial numbers.

Proponents of gun control have worked overtime in getting legislation in place to ban these downloadable blueprints, with many states already with bans in place.

Whether banning publication of 3D gun diagrams is delaying the inevitable or simply a formality of law forgotten by Congress remains to be seen, although gun makers are pushing hard to sell these blueprints without identification necessary. At the state level, Nevada is showing no interest in introducing legislation to ban these downloadable diagrams.

It’s not about crime. It’s about lethality of crime.

According to broad research, the availability of guns doesn’t make the U.S. deadly – it’s the number of guns attached to homicides that makes American citizens merchants of death. With Pandora’s Box slowly creaking open for DIY gun builders across the world, the amount of violent crime that leads to death will only grow as production increase.

Printable guns have no serial numbers. The bullets leave no signature, meaning law enforcement cannot run shell casings through ballistics and match them to registered guns to solve crimes. And, since the bulk of 3D guns are built with plastic, guns can be melted away after use.

Gun control laws keep firearms away from those who’ve proven to society they lack self-control, minors and those with extreme mental illnesses. Imagine what Nevada would be like if teenagers save their allowance to build their own handguns.

Stopping 3D guns may be hard, if not impossible

Much like drugs being sold through sketchy websites, halting the sales of 3D firearms could present challenges. For one, 3D printers have become more affordable, and feature-rich, each year. Many printers selling for several hundred dollars may not have the capacity necessary to abet the criminal, but it’s obvious they will soon.

Even the Undetectable Firearms Act has workarounds. The law, which bans firearms that cannot be identified through metal detection, will thwart those attempting to carry 3D guns into places they’re prohibited. However, adding even the smallest metal piece to the gun allows metal detectors to pick them up, rendering the law moot for the law-abiding gun owner.

Federal agencies, politicians, activists and internet service providers can collaborate to rewrite laws banning the distribution of downloadable weapon schematics. While this would help tremendously, it takes only cellular data and phones with personal hotspots to connect to Dark Web forums where blueprints galore require only digital currency to obtain.

Under Nevada law, convicted felons are barred from owning any firearm unless they petition to have eligible charges expunged or sealed.

New rules, but hours too late

Laws allowing the distribution of 3D gun blueprints went into effect August 2018 at the Federal level. Numerous state laws banning the use of these guns existed, while other states entertained but never pursued reform to gun laws barring the circulation of blueprints to guns.

Later on, one federal judge ruled downloading 3D gun schematics was illegal, immediately rolling back the law that went into effect at midnight the same day. Activists and lawmakers may have finally exhaled, but the number of successful downloads during the hours the law was active is unknown.

One Nevada senator wants lawsuits to be filed against distributors, following the seven other states who’ve already filed suit. For now, proponents of pro-gun laws will clash with Nevada lawmakers and Federal judges until laws are written to favor this new twist to gun ownership.

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