Pictures of Korn

Suspect in Colorado Anti-Evolution Death Threats Goes Missing and Then Turns Up Again

In 2007, a Young Earth Creationist, Menachem Korn, was suspected of conveying death threats to faculty members at the University of Colorado atBoulder.

Then he went missing.

Colorado law enforcement didn’t take action until the threatening behaviors Korn exhibited grew past the point of being a nuisance. The notes and letters got so heavy they frightened one grad student and one faculty member out of entering their rooms as they fretted for their security. Korn, earlier a Messianic Jew, now self-identifying as Christian, was believed to have communicated various anti-evolution threats to staff at the school.

Pictures of Korn were given to faculty members along with direction to notify law enforcement if Korn was spotted. Before he went missing, Korn had declined to respond in detail to media requests asking or his side of the story. Instead, Korn sent emails to the Denver post and Wired. Korn later called Wired where he said he was unavailable as he was traveling. Korn also refused to discuss the letters.

A university spokesman speculated that a reason the police did not formally name Korn is the threats didn’t cross the line of what legally constitutes a death threat.

For instance, Korn claimed that Pastor Jerry Gibson said: “that every genuine Christian should be able and prepared to take up firearms to kill the opponents of Christian society.”

The Birdman

In 2008, Korn engaged in a back-and-forth on, a website discussing a variety of topics including Last Days’ prophecies.

In a rambling posting, Korn pointed to Obama as the anti-Christ and VP Joe Biden as “a Zionowarmonger.”

Then, Korn went silent again.

That is, until 2010.

Renounced Israeli Citizenship

In June 2010, Korn sent a letter to the Israeli Consulate in Atlanta, Georgia, renouncing his Israeli citizenship.

Claiming he turned to Christianity in 2000 with the aid of South African evangelists, Korn said he was baptized near Tzfat in June 2000.

His ability to identify with Israel started dropping and began to question various aspects of Zionist doctrine following a hospitalization in Jerusalem where he met some Palestinian nurses.

Korn claimed attempts to connect with a variety of Messianic organizations in Jerusalem, but felt that all of them identified with Israeli Government policies; policies which Korn felt contradicted teaching of Jesus Christ.

Korn returned to America in December 2005. On his way out of Israel, he claims he told a guard at Ben Gurion airport: “Were it not for the kindness of Christian countries like America, Israel would be a piece of rotting wood drifting in the Mediterranean.”