Street SlayingLas Vegas detectives stated on Feb 25, 2016 that the robbery and slaying of a male walking home from work along the 4600 block of Grande Mirande way may be linked to a group of teenagers. Detectives believe that these teens may be suspects in at least two similar street robberies including the latest shooting of the 60 year old father and husband.

The police are urging the teens to turn themselves in and have advised that they really should come forward . It is believed that the teens were involved even if they did not pull the trigger. Police say that if these teenagers do not come forward, then they will be charged with murder.

The victim, Heriberto Diaz Marcial, had just got off work where he worked as a casino porter on the strip and was headed home on a bus. After getting off the bus at 12.55 am on Saturday night around Lake Mead Boulevard, he started to walk towards his home. Police have already seen a surveillance video from a nearby business and noted that there was no one behind him at that time.

After 10 minutes at 1.13 am, police received a 911 call about gunshots in that neighborhood and found Diaz Marcial who had been gravely wounded. He was only a few houses away from his own front door. He died at the scene. The place where he died now has a makeshift memorial. Police say Diaz was robbed but the only thing taken from him was his mobile phone. There is no evidence to support that he fought or resisted his killers.

Just two days prior to this incident, two other smiler robberies had taken place within a mile of where Diaz Marcial was killed, leading police to believe that the same group of people are involved. The suspects are believed to be a group of 4-5 teenagers, ages between 16-18. Las Vegas police detective have vowed to bring justice to Diaz Marcial and his family in this case.

Patrolling in the area has increased. Las Vegas detectives have urged the public to contact the metro homicide division if they have any information about this murder and call 702 828 3521. Those who wish to remain anonymous should call crime stoppers at 702 385 5555.