Homicide Investigations in Las Vegas Rose by 33% in 2020, Report Says

homicide attorney in las vegasIn 2019, homicides plummeted in Clark County, with 144 homicide investigations recorded. In 2020, that trend did not continue. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that law enforcement agencies investigated the killings of 195 people in 2020. Of the 195 deaths, 136 were gunshot wounds, 22, were stabbings, 21 were blunt force, and 16 were categorized as “other.” Clark County homicides were investigated by the Metropolitan Police Department (151), Henderson Police Department (16), and North Las Vegas Police Department (26).

Being suspected of or accused of a crime is a frightening thing. In today’s blog, we will discuss three things to do if you or a loved one suspected of murder. While this is something we hope never happens to you, it is important to be prepared. Knowing what to do can prevent critical mistakes and allow you the best chance of a favorable outcome.

# 1 Thing To Do If You are Suspected of Murder: Do Not Talk to Police

The most important thing to remember if you are suspected of a crime is NOT to talk to the police. Police often tell people that they can clear things up if they sit down and talk about what happened, and many people believe if they maintain their innocence, there is nothing to lose. However, there is a lot to lose. Police are looking for evidence, any evidence, that can help them. Only the prosecutor can decide whether to charge you or not charge you.

On TV and in the movies, people always talk to the police, but this is because it makes for good television. In real life, talking to the police almost always does more harm than good. Sometimes the harm is irreversible.

# 2 Thing To Do If You are Suspected of Murder: Do Not Talk To Anyone Else About Your Case

It is natural to want to talk, especially to people we trust. Many people believe they can explain what happened or clear up misunderstandings. There is also the erroneous belief that it is safe to talk about anything as long as innocence is maintained. Whether you are talking to police, friends, or family, anything you say can be used against you and misconstrued. Law enforcement regularly uses social media to gain information about people and relationships. There should be no expectation of privacy on social media or in any online post, comment, text message, or phone call.

If you are suspected of a crime, it is not your job to rally support or correct narratives. Even if news accounts of an incident are wrong, do not address them. You should keep a low profile and speak to no one about your case except your attorney. If someone tags you on a social media post, or messages you, do not respond. Definitely do not post about your defense strategy or what your lawyer is doing. Police departments often create fake or duplicate accounts to gain access to your account. Even if someone posts something that is clearly not true, do not respond.

# 3 Thing To Do If You are Suspected of Murder: Talk to a Lawyer Immediately

The only person you should speak to when you are suspected or charged with homicide in Nevada is an experienced and knowledgeable Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer. Call 702-623-6362 to discuss your case today. Your first consultation is free and we are available 24/7 to take your call.