attempted robbery case in Las VegasOn July 31st, the U.S. Marshals Service police task force arrested a 28-year-old suspect accused of attempting to murder a man in a robbery earlier in July.

According to police, the entire ordeal was all caught on a surveillance camera. As the victim returned to his home, he was immediately confronted in his garage by the suspect who was armed with a gun. The suspect reportedly demanded that the victim give up his property, but the victim instead ran off.

The suspect attempted to pursue the victim and even attempted to discharge his weapon. Thankfully, the gun didn’t fire, so the victim was not injured. As the suspect attempted to figure out what was wrong with his weapon, he ran over to a parked area and sped off.

Thanks to the surveillance footage, the suspect was identified and arrested. Las Vegas police say he is now facing multiple charges including possession of a weapon, assault, kidnapping, fraud, and robbery. While the suspect isn’t facing attempted murder charges yet, they could get upgraded considering the severity of the situation and the evidence against the culprit.

Attempted Murder in Las Vegas: Penalties and Consequences

As you can imagine, attempted murder is one of the most serious crimes under Nevada law, topped only by actually murdering someone. Per Nevada law, attempted murder is defined as taking a step towards killing someone with the active intention of killing them.

This type of action is defined as a category B felony. If convicted, then you’ll face severe life-long consequences. For one, you’ll likely get sentenced to serve prison time, which will range anywhere from 2 to 20 years. If your case also involves aggravating factors like the use of a weapon or the victim was particularly vulnerable, then a judge could impose additional prison time ranging anywhere from an additional one to 20 years.

Even once you serve your time, a felony means you’ll automatically lose specific rights like the right to vote and carry a firearm.

With that in mind, it’s best to attempt to have any attempted murder charge downgraded to a lesser charge if possible.

Hiring One of the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Las Vegas

Are you currently facing attempted murder charges or related charges in Las Vegas or a nearby area? Now that you understand the severity of your charges, you’re likely wondering what to do next. The best option you have is to hire one of the best criminal defense lawyers possible to help you secure a more favorable legal outcome.

A quality lawyer will listen to your side of events, analyze what evidence the Prosecutor has against you, and help you come up with a strong defense strategy. Considering the severity of attempted murder charges, it’s in your best interests to hire a good lawyer sooner rather than later.

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