On Monday, Detroit Attorney Tim Attalla had charges that he helped the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club carry out a drug business thrown out by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan following a bench trial, as reported by an article on Freep.com. U.S. District Court Judge Nancy Edmunds concluded there was insufficient evidence to prove that Mr. Attalla was part of any drug conspiracy, or that he ever served as general counsel to the group.

Prosecutors had argued that Mr. Attalla allegedly assisted Aref Nagi, the former Vice President of the Club, in carrying out a drug conspiracy, including giving him advice on how not to get caught. The government also alleged that Mr. Attalla allegedly gave Nagi Viagra and Vicodin pills on at least two occasions. Nagi was convicted of racketeering in June. During trial, th government had former members of the Club testify against Mr. Attalla that he allegedly hung out at strip clubs with Nagi and also played taped phone conversations between Mr. Attalla and Nagi. The defense argued that Mr. Attalla did nothing more than advise his clients to remain silent pursuant to their Fifth Amendment rights.