Once on the scene, Las Vegas detectives found a silver SUV that had crashed into the wall of a nearby home with one man dead from gunshot wounds in the driver’s seat and an injured woman in the passenger seat.

According to witnesses, after an apparent altercation with a suspect who was on foot, the man and woman were both shot and the SUV continued driving, where it crashed into the wall of a home and subsequently stopped. The woman, who was seriously injured by a gunshot wound and crash injuries, later died at University Medical Center.

Las Vegas police detectives are asking anyone who witnessed the crime to come forward with tips that can help the police to identify the unknown suspect. 

Homicide is a Serious Charge

When someone is charged with homicide, or in this case, a double homicide, detectives and investigators take these crimes very seriously. While it is unknown at this time who exactly the suspect of the double-homicide is, the Las Vegas police will not stop until they have a suspect.

The end-product of a homicide investigation is the culmination of a large amount of police work and charging someone with murder is not an easy road to conviction. Investigators must be sure that they have found the right person and they have collected the right evidence to prove that their suspect is the one.

A homicide charge should always be treated with the utmost care. If you or someone you love has been accused of murder, whether it be due to a car accident or an intentional act, hiring a criminal defense attorney should be the first task on your long road to freedom. Many of those convicted of serious violent crimes like homicide are not the true perpetrators, but rather a victim of a flawed criminal justice system. A criminal defense lawyer will help to ensure that you do not become a victim of the system and that your innocence is proven to the judge and jury of your peers.

How to Find Your Criminal Defense Attorney

When it comes to violent crimes, a criminal defense attorney is a must. You cannot be too careful if you’ve been accused of a crime, especially one that you did not commit, and hiring a skilled and compassionate defense lawyer will help to ensure that your innocence is proven in court.

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