“I’m the only one who can tell the story about Tupac’s killing,” A Compton drug kingpin, turned rapper, Keffe D told reporters recently as he supposedly faces imminent death from cancer.

Born Duane Keith Davis, the rapper claims he wants to “come clean.” He may have reached his objective in an upcoming USA documentary, “Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G.” Davis hasn’t completely thrown off the veil of secrecy — just teased his fans, the police and others in the underground.

Since Tupac Shakur was killed by an unknown shooter on September 7, 1996 in Las Vegas, the slaying has been wrapped in a mystery, rolled in an enigma and topped with a riddle. Police corruption and the no-snitch code of Las Vegas’ mean streets worked together to further the mystery and keep the truth from inquiring minds.

Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson had been a suspect for decades. He, Tupac and Suge Knight had a brawl before the murder. Anderson, Davis’ nephew, has been dead for years, so he isn’t talking. Anderson died in May 1998 in a Compton car wash shootout. He was held by LAPD a month after Tupac’s murder in an unrelated investigation but was never charged.

In the documentary, Davis says people have been “coming after” him for twenty-years. “I have nothing else to lose,” Davis says in the documentary.

Davis claims to have been in the front passenger seat of a white Cadillac while his cousin, Orlando Anderson was in the backseat. Davis, who denies firing the weapon which killed Tupac, says of the shot, “It came from the backseat.” Anderson denied being the hitman.

Some observers think an arrest is finally near, and one Las Vegas TV station claims there is.

Just before the shooting, Shakur had been to the Seldon v Tyson match at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. As he left the match, an associated spotted Anderson, a Crips member from Compton in the hotel lobby. A fight broke out and was caught on closed circuit surveillance. Several hours later, while at a stop light, a late-model white Cadillac pulled to the right side of Shakur’s car.

Hit four times, one of the bullets tore into Shakur’s right lung. Shakur died September 13 from internal bleeding.