3rd dui in Las VegasThe Las Vegas Police Department is discouraged to report that they had to arrest 36-year-old Sean Larimer on a bench warrant after he failed to appear in court over a recent DUI charge.

Unfortunately, Larimer’s refusal to show up could be connected to yet another DUI arrest he faced last month. Even worse, Larimer has a very dark past when it comes to getting into drunken accidents.

According to court records, Larimer was convicted in 2003 after a triple-fatality DUI crash. Larimer had been drinking and driving when he caused the fatal crash at only 15-years-old. Reports show that he was driving over 80 mph in a 25 mph zone when he slammed into a wall in a neighborhood. The incident took the lives of Josh Perry, Kyle Poff, and Travis Dunning. Another person in the vehicle, Cody Fredericks, was also injured. At the time, Larimer’s blood alcohol level registered at 0.19%, which is double the legal limit in Nevada.

Considering Larimer’s young age, it makes sense that he wasn’t given a maximum sentence, and the courts went a little easier on him. In Nevada, causing someone else a substantial bodily injury or a fatal injury while driving under the influence is considered a class B felony. The minimum sentence for this type of charge is two years, but it can reach up to a maximum of 20 years in state prison.

Sadly, Larimer’s early experience with the criminal justice system wasn’t enough to deter his behavior. In August of last year, Larimer was once again arrested for a DUI accident. During his initial trial, he pleaded guilty and agreed to serve community service, attend DUI traffic school, and spend 30 days in jail.

This leniency was given since his earlier conviction as a juvenile couldn’t be held against him. On January 25th, Larimer was set to get sentenced. This sentencing hearing could be impacted, though, because Larimer was once again arrested last month. In Henderson, he was caught drinking and driving again after crashing his car into a wall in a parking lot.

After getting arrested for his additional DUI, Larimer failed to show up in court for a hearing. This caused the judge to issue a bench warrant and arrest the suspect. He’s currently in custody without the possibility of bail.

Don’t Let a DUI Derail Your Life

Larimer’s initial adult DUI charge could’ve been resolved without serious consequences. After all, a 30-day jail sentence, community service, and DUI class is preferable to spending a significant amount of time behind bars.

If you’ve recently been charged with a DUI, then don’t let the charge completely derail your life. Get in touch with a criminal defense attorney who can help you determine your best legal options. If it’s your first DUI charge, then there’s a great chance that the court will show you leniency.

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