Felony DUI Charges in Nevada

First and second time DUI convictions are usually misdemeanor crimes in Nevada. The third offense will almost always be charged as a more serious felony. However, there are certain situations that can make the first or second DUI offense be charged as a felony, too, rather than as a misdemeanor.

Once you have been convicted of one felony DUI in Las Vegas, any future DUIs will also be charged as felonies. This is true even if more than 7 years has gone by since your last offense. Like any other felony offense, the crime of felony DUI can make future employment very difficult and can also limit rights to vote and own a gun.

If you have been arrested for Felony DUI, you need the strongest defense possible for the best chance of reducing the penalties or getting acquitted of the charges altogether. Contact LV Criminal Defense for experienced defense in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When is driving under the influence a felony?

There are four situations which cause a DUI to increase from a misdemeanor offense to a felony offense:

  • If you cause serious injury or substantial bodily harm to another person while driving under the influence;
  • If you kill someone while driving under the influence;
  • If you have two prior DUI convictions within the last seven years; or
  • You have a prior DUI conviction that was a felony, regardless of how many prior DUI convictions you have.

Any of these four circumstances mean that you will have a felony conviction on your record. This is why a qualified, experienced DUI defense lawyer is critical to your case. You need the best representation so that every effort is made to avoid a conviction, or at a minimum, reduce your sentence.

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What is the sentence for a felony DUI in Nevada?

A felony DUI conviction carries serious jail time and fines. You can be sentenced to 2 to 15 years in a Nevada prison and required to pay fines of $2,000 to $5,000. If you are ever able to drive again, you will be required to use a Breath Interlock device on your vehicle. This device prevents your car from starting if you have a blood alcohol level that exceeds the limit imposed by the court. In addition, the court may impose a rehabilitation requirement, community service, and other post-prison requirements before your case will be closed.

More Information

Driving under the influence is a serious charge under Nevada law, even if it is your first or second offense. Law enforcement is very interested in keeping drunk drivers off the roads, especially because Las Vegas is known for its party scene. If you are arrested for driving under the influence, you need experienced and aggressive Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer to handle your case and face the judge on your behalf. This is especially true if you are faced with a felony charge because someone was seriously injured or killed while you were driving under the influence, or if this is your third (or higher) offense. These cases risk long prison sentences and other fines and requirements that can follow you well into the future.