Nevada DUI charges when there has been a serious injury or death

DUI causing deathCar accidents caused by a drunk driver that result in substantial bodily harm or even death of another person are publicized often in Las Vegas, Nevada. Law enforcement is very serious about catching people driving under the influence to try to prevent someone getting injured or killed. If the worst happens, you need an aggressive and knowledgeable Las Vegas DUI defense lawyer on your side.

You have rights and LV Criminal Defense can make sure that you are protected in the court process, which is often stacked against criminal defendants, especially those who do not hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

What is the penalty for driving under the influence and causing serious bodily injury or death?

A DUI in Las Vegas that results in death or serious bodily injury of another person is a Category B felony. Nevada Category B felonies carry from 2 to 20 years in prison. The court can also impose fines of $2,000 to $5,000. In addition to these penalties, you may have more obligations to fulfill such as attending a rehabilitation program, or completing community service when you get out of prison. Your license will likely need to be reinstated at that time, as well, which may mean that a Breath Interlock device is required on your car.

Enhanced Penalties for DUI causing death or serious bodily injury with prior convictions

If you already have three DUI convictions on your record, and then are arrested for another DUI that involves serious injury or death to another person, Nevada law provides for an increased penalty against you. This is a Category A felony for a Las Vegas crime called Vehicular Homicide. Vehicular Homicide in Nevada carries anywhere from 2 years to life in prison depending on the severity of the circumstances. If you are sentenced to life in prison for a vehicular homicide, you cannot be eligible for parole until you have served a minimum of 10 years in prison. Once you are released from custody and your driving privileges are reinstated, you will be required to install and use a Breath Interlock Device in your vehicle. A Breath Interlock Device tests your blood alcohol content and if it exceeds the limit set by the court, the car will not start.

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All DUI offenses should be taken seriously, but especially if you are accused of driving under the influence and seriously injuring or killing another person.

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Your freedom is at stake, along with many other rights and privileges which are denied to people convicted of a felony. Just because someone is hurt or killed does not mean that you are not entitled to your rights in court. This includes examination of all the evidence collected by law enforcement to make sure it is accurate and reliable. It can also include working with the prosecutor to reach a fair deal which minimizes your prison time and other penalties.

You should not have to face this process alone, without the best defense possible. Contact us today to begin your defense.