Nevada DUI Breath Test with the Intoxilyzer 5000EN

Breath Test with intoxilyzerThe “breathalyzer” is used to determine the alcohol content of a person’s blood, usually after they have been stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. Nevada uses a machine called the Intoxilyzer 5000EN to test blood alcohol content. The breath test can be the single most important piece of evidence the state uses against you in a DUI trial, so you need skilled Las Vegas DUI defense counsel to make sure that the results of the test can be relied on by the court. Most people, including arresting police officers, don’t know that the Breathalyzer is not very accurate or reliable.

Nevada punishes DUI offenses harshly, so you need a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer who understands when a breath test is allowed and how the use of the Intoxilyzer 5000 may be wrong and the results incorrect. LV Criminal Defense will examine everything from the settings of the machine to the medical conditions that may impact the reading to help reduce the charges or even have them dismissed.

Why might breath test results be thrown out in a Las Vegas courts?

The Intoxilyzer 5000EN is used to gather evidence that can be used to support a DUI conviction. Just like the testimony of a witness, the court will determine whether the machine’s reading is trustworthy evidence. If the evidence is not reliable, it will be thrown out, or “suppressed,” and cannot be used against you. This means there may not be enough evidence left to show that were driving under the influence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Nick Wooldridge – a skilled DUI defense lawyer – will find out the following about the machine used to test your blood alcohol level:

  • Whether it’s internal settings were proper;
  • Whether the measurements of the machine were set up properly before it was used;
  • Whether the machine needed repairs or had been repaired recently, and if so, why;
  • Whether the machine was in good working order; and
  • Whether any glitches or malfunctions were reported on your test.

The machine requires a human to use it, so a lawyer should find out whether the person who gave the test had proper training and certifications and up to date credentials.

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If one or more of these is missing, the test may not be considered accurate or trustworthy by the court. This is key to defeating a DUI charge in Nevada or having the charges reduced to reckless driving.

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LV Criminal Defense can help you if you have been accused of driving under the influence and the police used the Intoxilyzer 5000EN to test your blood alcohol content with your breath. A DUI can be a stressful event; do not go through it alone or attempt to challenge the evidence against you without the best possible defense on your side.