Pool Party/Nightclub Arrests in Las Vegas, Nevada

Nightclub arrestsPool parties and nightclubs are two ways to enjoy everything Las Vegas has to offer around the clock. The advertising for these venues imply that management will turn a blind eye to lewd behavior, drug use, and other wild behavior that is also illegal.

The truth is that these events are highly organized and staffed by bouncers and security guards with law enforcement close by.

If you are arrested in a night club or at a pool party in a Las Vegas hotel, contact LV Criminal Defense soon as possible to get out of jail and to reduce or avoid altogether the criminal charges against you.

If you are an out of state visitor who has been arrested, you will want an experienced Las Vegas criminal lawyer to make sure your activities in Las Vegas don’t follow you home.

What type of arrests occur at Las Vegas pool parties and nightclubs?

Possession of a controlled substance, is one of the most common Nevada crimes which results in arrests at pool parties and nightclubs. Many venues require some form of search, however minimal, to get in the door. If you have attempted to hide drugs, marijuana, or drug paraphernalia, to use inside the club or pool party, security will likely call the police to handle the matter.

Like other Las Vegas hotel and casino arrests, there is no defense to these crimes because you mistakenly believed that the party environment would allow for drug use or sale, or that you are an out of town visitor.

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If you have been arrested in a Las Vegas nightclub or at a Las Vegas pool party, contact LV Criminal Defense to begin your defense. As with all Nevada crimes, you are at risk of serious penalties which can include jail time, fines, and a criminal record that can make your life difficult in the future.

Nick Wooldridge understands the processes and motivations of local law enforcement and casino security and will work diligently to reduce the charges against you or even have them dismissed.