Hotel and Casino Arrests in Las Vegas, Nevada

hotel and casino arrestsNevada is known as one of the biggest party destinations in the world, and most of that partying takes place in hotels and casinos in Las Vegas and Reno. You may guess that hotels and casinos are interested in maintaining order and control of their property, even if there is an illusion of chaos and the ability to get away with anything.

It is true that the resorts are full of ways to have a good time- and to potentially get into legal trouble. It happens, and when it does, you need the assistance of Las Vegas criminal defense firm. Call today to begin your defense if you have been arrested for a crime in a hotel or casino.

What types of crimes can occur in Las Vegas hotels and casinos?

Resorts are big businesses that depend on locals and visitors alike to stay operating. It is in their best interest to make sure that visitors have a fun, yet safe, place to gamble, drink, eat, and shop that visitors will want to return to again and again. Looking at these businesses from behind the scenes, their livelihood depends on maintaining gaming and alcohol licenses that require them to watch over their properties carefully and remove people who fall out of line.

This means that law enforcement and in-house security teams in casinos are always on the lookout for people who disrupt the party atmosphere by committing crimes. These can include:

These crimes are punishable even if you did not know they were crimes. For example, many people do not know that prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas and may be making an innocent mistake by soliciting for prostitution in a hotel bar. Still, this can result in an arrest and conviction, depending on how much evidence the state gets from the casino.

Remember: The hotels are covered in surveillance cameras that keep a close eye on every aspect of the casinos, and so it is likely that everything is being recorded and can be retrieved later.

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Punishments for Nevada hotel and casino arrests

Whether you are an out of state visitor arrested for one of these crimes or a local Las Vegas or Reno resident, you have serious rights at stake. These crimes range from misdemeanors to felonies and can carry long prison sentences, which is an unfortunate way to end a fun vacation or a night out.

A record of hotel and casino arrests can follow you home

If you are a local, or plan to move to Nevada, a casino or hotel is unlikely to hire someone with criminal convictions for hotel and casino crimes. For everyone else, a criminal record of any type can make it difficult to get jobs, find housing, and exercise other rights (such as to own a gun). It is important to note that just because you are not a local resident of Las Vegas does not mean you are immune to Nevada law. In fact, in many cases Nevada will report certain crimes to your home state, such as a DUI.

More Information

If you have been arrested for a crime which took place in a hotel or casino in Las Vegas, contact LV Criminal Defense today to begin your defense. The resorts are well-represented and influential in town and this can influence your case in their favor without aggressive and experienced representation by a Las Vegas criminal lawyer who understands the process and motivations of law enforcement and security guards in these cases.