Electric Daisy Carnival arrests in Las Vegas, Nevada

electric daisy carnival arrestsElectric Daisy Carnival takes the Las Vegas summer by storm with tens of thousands of people flocking to the desert for a huge electronic music festival.

The festival atmosphere- far away from the Las Vegas strip- make it seem like a place free from laws and out of the sight of law enforcement.

In fact, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department makes a strong effort to patrol the event, working with event security to arrest people who commit Nevada crimes such as possession of a controlled substance .

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What are the police looking for at Electric Daisy Carnival?

Like other nightlife crimes in Las Vegas, the police are looking for these common Nevada crimes:

All Nevada crimes are fair game at Electric Daisy Carnival, but these are the most common arrests[link] associated with the event.

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But I was just having a little fun!

Many visitors from out of town who are arrested hope that ignorance of Nevada law or the intention of just “having fun” will be enough of a defense. Or maybe they believe that leaving town without resolving the charges against them will make the charges disappear. None of these is true, and if you are an out of state visitor who has been arrested at Electric Daisy Carnival, you need experienced defense as soon as possible.

More Information

If you have been arrested at Electric Daisy Carnival or anywhere else in Nevada, contact LV Criminal Defense before you speak to law enforcement. You have rights and an experienced criminal defense lawyer will help protect them while also working to reduce the charges against your or get them dismissed altogether.

When you intend to have fun at a place like Electric Daisy Carnival and things do not go as planned, you may be confused and scared. You need and deserve a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney you can rely on to resolve the charges and let you move on with your life.