Nevada Criminal Lawyer Avdvises What to Do If Arrested in Las Vegas

Tourists arrests in VegasNevada, and particularly Las Vegas, is known as a place to party, where anything goes, and that what happens here stays here. In reality, Nevada has criminal laws just like every other state and it will definitely prosecute out-of-towners who cross the line.

If you have been arrested for a crime while visiting Las Vegas, contact us as soon as possible to get the situation resolved. You don’t want to leave town and return to your daily life with a criminal case weighing on your mind, in another state no less. LV Criminal Defense is experienced in handling cases for visitors to Nevada and can help you, too.

Which crimes are visitors most commonly arrested for in Las Vegas?

All Nevada laws apply equally to tourists, but given the party atmosphere of Las Vegas, there are certain crimes tourists are more often arrested for. For example:

Sometimes these are honest mistakes. For example, it is a common misconception that prostitution is legal in Nevada. It is only legal in about half of the counties in Nevada, and the counties in which Reno and Las Vegas are located do not have legalized prostitution.Tourists who have medical marijuana cards from other states may mistakenly believe that they can drive while using marijuana in Nevada, which also allows medical patients to use marijuana to relieve their symptoms. This is not the case, and even a person with a medical marijuana card can be arrested and charged with DUI in Nevada.

Ignoring the Nevada criminal proceedings against you is a very bad idea

It is easy to think that leaving Las Vegas is your best chance for avoiding further prosecution, more jail time, fines, or community service- basically, avoiding the consequences of a Nevada crime.

This is not a good idea! The charges can follow you home (especially those involving a vehicle) and negatively impact you long after you have left Nevada. This can be emotionally taxing, expensive, and even professionally embarrassing depending on the charges.

Top Rated Criminal Lawyer

Nick Wooldridge has a long track record of representing clients accused of serious federal and state crimes in Nevada.


Instead, call LV Criminal Defense as soon as you have been arrested to help get you out of custody and on your way, with the peace of mind that your case will be handled by experienced professionals who are familiar with the Nevada criminal process. The right attorney can get your charges reduced or even dismissed, especially if you have a clean or minimal criminal record.

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