gun shooting in Downtown Las VegasReports from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirm that a shooting occurred north of Downtown Las Vegas on Tuesday, November 14th. Upon arriving to the scene of the shooting, authorities found at least one person who was suffering from a gunshot wound. The individual was promptly taken to a nearby University Medical Center.

At around 1:20 P.M., police closed Lake Mead Boulevard in both directions to investigate what happened. After a brief investigation, multiple suspects were taken into police custody. The investigation is ongoing.

Firearms, Violent Crimes, and Defending Yourself from Criminal Charges

On average, over 500 people are fatally injured and 1,000 more are wounded by firearm violence in Nevada alone every year. In almost every situation, using a firearm to commit violence or intimidate someone else is a criminal offense.

There are situations, however, when using a firearm is acceptable under the law. The number one defense strategy when you’ve been accused of committing gun violence is to argue that your actions were committed as an act of self defense. If someone else is threatening your life, then it’s legally justifiable for you to utilize deadly force to protect yourself or someone else.

There are various types of gun-related criminal offenses in Nevada. Even worse, other types of crimes become even more severe criminal offenses when you have a firearm on you, even if you didn’t utilize it. From illegal possession to attempted murder, it’s important for you to understand the severity of your charges if you get arrested and the potential defense strategies you can use to your advantage.

For that reason, it usually makes the most sense to talk with a lawyer. The right attorney can help you better understand the charges against you, the potential penalties associated with them, and the defense strategies that you could possibly use to secure a better legal outcome.

On top of arguing self-defense, there are other types of strategies you can use in court. If you know you didn’t commit the crime, then your lawyer can help you secure evidence to prove that you were somewhere else or couldn’t have committed the crime. If you did commit the crime and you’re facing serious consequences, then sometimes it makes sense to plead guilty to a lesser or reduced charge in exchange for a lessened sentence. This type of arrangement is called a plea deal. Before you agree to this type of arrangement, be sure to talk to a lawyer.

Remember, if you’ve been charged with a crime, then you always have the right to secure a lawyer before making a decision on how to proceed with your legal case. If you can’t afford one, then you should request that a lawyer be appointed to your case.

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