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Nevada law prohibits the exhibition and sale of obscene material to minors. These prohibitions are found within a subsection of Chapter 201 of Nevada’s criminal code. Chapter 201 is the part of Nevada law that defines offenses against public decency and good morals. The subsection contains Nevada Revised Statute section 201.256 to 201.2655.

According to the relevant laws, it is unlawful to exhibit or sell obscene material to minors. This includes material that depicts sexual conduct. It is important to understand exactly what the definition of sexual conduct is for purposes of crimes related to the exhibition and sale of obscene material to minors so you can determine if the material you are accused of selling or distributing was actually obscene.

Because it can be complicated to define exactly what constitutes obscenity, it is best to get legal help from an attorney familiar with obscenity offenses whenever you are accused of a violation of the laws found in Chapter 201 of Title 15. A Vegas defense attorney at LV Criminal Defense can provide the help that you need to fight against accusations of selling or exhibiting obscene material to minors, so give us a call today to get help from a compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer who will fight for you.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 201.263: Sexual Conduct Defined

The definition of sexual conduct for purposes of determining if you exhibited or sold obscene material to minors is found in the Nevada Revised Statute section 201.263.

According to the relevant law, sexual conduct refers to any act os masturbation, sexual intercourse, homosexuality, or physical contact of any type with a person’s unclothed genitals or with a persons’ pubic area.

If you distribute or exhibit material depicting sexual conduct to a minor, you could be charged with a crime under the laws of Chapter 201 of Nevada code. Distributing is defined broadly to include any transfer of possession to a minor., whether the item was transferred in exchange for something of value or not. Material is also defined broadly to include books, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, printed advertisements, motion pictures, drawings, photographs, statutes, sculptures, visual images or representations of any type, transcripts, records, or live or recorded telephone messages.

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You can face consequences for distributing any of this material to someone who is under the age of 18, as N.R.S. 201.259 defines a minor to include anyone under this age. The penalties for distributing material depicting sexual conduct to a minor are defined in N.R.S. 201.265, which identifies many different kinds of unlawful distributions or exhibitions. Under N.R.S. 201.265, you can face consequences not just for directly distributing the material to minors but also for distributing such material to adults in a manner or location that would allow the minor access to the material.

You can also be charged for portraying yourself as a parent, guardian, or spouse of a minor for purposes of facilitating exposure to obscene or potentially harmful materials, or for misrepresenting your age as 18 or older for purposes of obtaining material that is harmful to minors.

The offense as defined under N.R.S. 201.265 is a misdemeanor offense.

Getting Help From a Nevada Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of a crime related to exhibiting, distributing, or providing material to minors that depicts sexual conduct, you should reach out to a Vegas defense lawyer at LV Criminal Defense so you can get help fighting the accusations against you to try to avoid a misdemeanor conviction and resulting penalties.

Our experienced legal team can help you to fight charges and protect your future. Give us a call today to learn about the personalized assistance that we can provide to you whenever you have been accused of violating any laws against obscenity found in Chapter 201 of Nevada’s code.

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