Vegas Defense Attorney Explains Crimes Involving Obscene Material

Crimes Involving Obscene MaterialObscene material in Nevada is defined in Nevada Revised Statute section 201.235 to include items, materials or performances that an average person would find appeals to prurient interest under modern community standards. To be classified as obscene material for purposes of Vegas laws on obscenity, the material must lack any serious artistic, literary, political or scientific value. It also must either lewdly exhibit the genitals or depict sexual acts, masturbation, excretory function, sadism, or masochism in a patently offensive way.

When a material is considered to be obscene as defined by Nevada law, there are restrictions on what can be done with the material and penalties may be imposed in certain circumstances. Some of the circumstances in which obscene material can result in criminal convictions are defined in the Nevada Revised Statute section 201.249.

This statute is found within Chapter 201 of Title 15, which is the chapter of Nevada’s criminal code that establishes the definition of different kinds of crimes against public decency and good morals. If you have been accused of any crimes made illegal in Chapter 201, you need to talk with a Nevada defense attorney who is familiar with this section of state law and who can help you to fight against serious charges that could affect every aspect of your future.

LV Criminal Defense has successfully represented many defendants accused of violating laws found within Chapter 201 If you have been accused of crimes in connection with obscene material or any related offense, give us a call today to find out how our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team can help you to fight for your future.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 201.249: Production, Sale, Distribution, Exhibition and Possession of Obscene Material

The offenses defined in Nevada Revised Statute section 201.249 relating to the production, distribution, sale, exhibition or possession of obscene items or materials.

According to the relevant statute, a defendant could be convicted of a misdemeanor offense if the defendant:

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Prints produce or reproduce any obscene materials or any obscene items to sell those items.
• Prints produce, or reproduce any obscene materials or any obscene items for commercial distribution.
• Publishes, sells, rents, commercially distributes or transports obscene items or materials in interstate commerce.
• Offers to publish, sell, rent, commercial distribute, or transport obscene materials in interstate commerce.
• Has obscene materials in his or her possession with intent to sell, transport, rent, or commercially distribute the material.

A defendant can potentially face jail time for a misdemeanor offense related to the crimes defined in N.R.S. 201.249. It is important to understand the possible consequences associated with conviction as well as to understand the defenses that you could potentially raise if you are accused of involvement with material that is considered to be obscene in the eyes of Nevada law.

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LV Criminal Defense can provide you with assistance in determining if obscene material you are accused of possessing actually meets the definition of obscene under Nevada law. Our Vegas defense attorneys can also help you to determine what a prosecutor needs to prove to secure a conviction and to evaluate the evidence against you in order to determine the strength of the prosecutor’s case.

Depending upon how strong the evidence is and the likelihood of conviction, our legal team can assist you in developing defenses, working to introduce reasonable doubt, or negotiating an out-of-court plea agreement in which you admit guilt in exchange for a reduced charge or a lenient penalty. In every situation, the goal of our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team is to help you to get the best possible outcome as you cope with criminal charges against you. To find out more about the ways in which our legal team can help you, give us a call today.

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