That Happened 3 Years AgoIn November of 2012, Edwin Clark was walking with his 8-month pregnant girlfriend across an apartment complex to buy a TV. Suddenly they were ambushed by two gunmen who opened fire.  Clark died in the parking lot of Siema Town homes near Lake Mead Boulevard, according to police. His girlfriend, Brittany Ysaguirre, was wounded in the lower arm.

Finally after 3 years, the alleged member of this gang related murder, are in custody say Las Vegas police. William Roosevelt Westry, 32, is now in jail at the Clarks County Detention center after he was arrested last month. Law enforcement authorities allege that Westry, who faces murder charges, conspired with two other men also accused in the shooting. The police have issued an arrest warrant for Anthony Leonard Humphrey who was captured early this month. The whereabouts of the third suspect, Martel Cleveland are not yet known.

Edwin Clark and Brittany Ysaguirre were off to buy a TV at 4.45 pm when a man approached them, pointed a gun and screamed derogatory words. He then shot Clark eight times. Ysaguirre was shot at least 5 times. While Clark died at the scene, Ysaguirre ran into a nearby apartment and called 911. Clark had also been the target of an earlier shooting in July and he himself was a suspect in another shooting in October. Westry told Las Vegas police that there was a rumor that Clark was responsible for killing a relative of Cleveland.

Westry, who is a member of Clark’s rival gang, has told law enforcement that he was confronted by Cleveland because he and Clark were employed at a temporary agency a few days earlier. On the day of the assassination, Westry told the police that he had received a phone call from Humphrey and Cleveland saying that they were on their way to. After the shooting, Westry met Cleveland who gave him a bottle of liquor for thanks.

Police then scoured the phone records and determined that Westry was most likely a part of the conspiracy because of the number of phone calls made between the three on the day of the killing.

Detectives believe that Westry facilitated the murder of Clark by facilitating communications between the trio. On the day of the murder, Westry who was working with Clark, had prematurely left work an hour early. The gun used to shoot Clark has not yet been recovered. However, detectives are confident that Humphrey and Cleveland pulled the trigger and that Westry was a co-conspirator. However, detectives believe that other gang members may also be involved.

Police are urging anyone with information about this particular incident to call the metro homicide section at 702 828 3521 or if they wish to remain anonymous call crime stoppers at