Is America’s Judicial System Biased Along Color Lines

Studies reported by “New Century Foundation” and allegedly confirmed by the FBI’s National Crime Victimization Survey state the Justice System is not prejudiced against minorities. The New Century Foundation was founded in 1984 and receives considerable funding by the Pioneer Fund, a white supremacist group.

According to the study:

  • Blacks are seventy percent more likely to perpetrate murder and eight times more prone to engage in robbery
  • Blacks are three times more apt to use a handgun
  • Hispanics perform three times more brutal offenses than whites, but the stats here are nebulous.

According to observers who have read the report, the best indicator of violent crime in a region is the population percentage that is Hispanic or black. Those figures are from 2012.

During the past half-decade, some things may have changed, and people are angry.

The nation’s criminal justice system appears broken. People of color are often unfairly targeted and tend to face harsher sentences than whites.

Despite what the 2012 figures show, the latest indicate that people of color are overrepresented in America’s prison population where they comprise over 60% of individuals behind bars. Notwithstanding being 13% of the overall population, 40% of those behind bars are black, and Latinos represent 19% of those locked up. Whites make up 65% of the national population but only 38% of those behind bars.

According to a study by Center for American Progress, persons of color are more apt to become caught up in the justice system. Males born in 2001 have a 1-in-3 chance of going to prison while one-in-six Latino males have the same future. When it comes to white men, only 1-in-17 can expect to spend some time behind bars.

The disparities have consequences for America as a whole. Continue mass incarceration is not possible and growing evidence destroys the theory that harsh punishments reduce crime.

Nick Wooldridge is calling for a reform of the criminal justice system is gathering steam and generating support on the ideological spectrum.