Las Vegas Gun Attorney Defines Nevada Crime of Felon in Possession of a Firearm (NRS 202.360)

Gun weapons firearmsNevada law prohibits certain people from carrying or owning a weapon, including people who have a felony conviction on their criminal record.

Criminal charges involving a weapon are serious offenses in Nevada and are best defended by a qualified Nevada criminal defense lawyer with experience in gun offenses. If you have been arrested as a felon in possession of a weapon in Las Vegas, contact us to assist in your defense.

Possession of a Firearm in Nevada by a Person Convicted of a Felony

Nevada law prohibits the following people from carrying, owning, or having custody of a firearm:

  • People convicted of a felony in Nevada;
  • People convicted of a felony in any other state;
  • People convicted of a felony under federal law.

The exception to this rule is for people who have been pardoned, but the pardon must not limit the right to bear arms.

A firearm is commonly understood as a gun. Las Vegas law defines a firearm more technically as “any device designed to be used as a weapon from which a projectile may be expelled through the barrel by the force of any explosion or other form of combustion.”

What is considered a felony for purposes of restricting ownership of a gun in Nevada?

The same crime may carry different penalties around the country. That means that a felony in one place may not be a felony in another place, and this can confuse the issue of whether a person has the right to possess or own a weapon in Las Vegas.

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Nevada considers a felony a crime that can result in more than one year of prison, even if the prison sentence was not actually served.

It is important to understand that even if you pled guilty to a crime in Nevada, and did not go to trial, it is still considered a conviction that can limit gun rights.

When can a person with a felony conviction own a gun again in Nevada?

Usually the limitation on gun ownership rights as a result of a felony conviction in Las Vegas, Nevada, does not have an end date. Instead, you must receive a full pardon for your conviction before you can lawfully own a gun again in Nevada.

Penalties for possessing a firearm with a felony conviction in Nevada

If an ex-felon possesses a weapon in Nevada, the offense is a Category B felony. Las Vegas punishes Category B felonies for a felon in possession of a weapon with a minimum of 1 year in prison but as many as 6 years in a State prison. Fines of up to $5,000 are also possible.

Probation may not be a likely option because the person convicted of illegally possessing a gun already has a felony record.

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Penalties under federal law for a felon possessing a weapon (18 USC 922(g))

Federal law also bans ownership of a gun by a person convicted of a felony. The federal laws are broad, so even if the gun was not in working condition- or in some cases, even on your person- a conviction for a felon in possession is still possible.

Federal law provides for prison time of five to ten years for a felon in possession of a gun.

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Unlawfully possessing a weapon because of a prior felony conviction is a serious crime that can carry long prison times and high fines. Call us today to learn more about your rights and defenses if you have been accused of illegally possessing or owning a firearm in Las Vegas, Nevada.