NRS 205.540 – Issuance of Duplicate or Additional Negotiable Document of Title Not So Marked

According to NRS 205.540, a bailee, or any officer, agent or servant of a bailee who aids or issues a duplicate or additional document of title, with the knowledge that an earlier negotiable document for the same products is uncancelled and still outstanding, will be punished according to the following subsections:

  1. If the goods’ value supposedly covered by the document of title is worth $650 or more, it is a category D felony. In addition to other penalties, the Nevada court will order the convicted to pay restitution.

A category D felony can sentence the convicted to at least one year in state prison and up to four years. The court also can impose a fine of up to $5000.

  1. If the value of the goods supposedly covered by the document of title is worth less than $650, it is a misdemeanor.

More Information

Issuing a duplicate or additional negotiable document of title not so marked is a form of document falsification that can result in serious consequences. If a person is convicted of this crime in Nevada and it is charged as a felony, it could be very difficult to obtain employment, rent an apartment, buy a home, vote or get a student loan.

Falsifying documents is a serious criminal offense that involves changing, modifying, altering, passing or possessing a document for an illegal purpose. This is a type of white-collar crime.

Types of Documents That May Be Falsified

In addition to issuing a duplicate document title that has not been marked as such, other documents that may be falsified are tax returns, academic transcripts, bank statements, business records, ID cards and checks.

Other Actions That May Be Falsifying a Document

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You can be arrested in Nevada for falsifying a negotiable document of title, but also for these offenses:

  • Altering or changing factual information including the profits or losses of a company.
  • Forging a person’s signature on a check or other type of document that you are not entitled to
  • Using the official letterhead of a company without prior authorization
  • Hiding assets or property in a divorce or bankruptcy case.
  • Using or distributing a false document to obtain employment or get into the US
  • Destroying information that is needed in an official investigation

Elements That Need to Be Proven To Establish Document Falsification

A person can be charged with document falsification if it is proven that he or she intended to falsify a document. When a person is charged with tax evasion, the person has taking actions to defraud the IRS and federal government. Note that tax filers make mistakes when filing their taxes, and the law needs to distinguish between mistakes and purposely filing false documents regarding taxes and income.

Also, intent is a key part of forgery. Forgery deals with creating or altering documents with the idea of defrauding another party. This can involve a crime such as signing a check using another party’s signature or representing a fake piece of art as the real thing.

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