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Protection Of Unborn Children - 18 U.S. Code Chapter 90ANevada law prohibits certain types of conduct that the state has decided violates good morals or goes against public decency. One of the prohibited types of conduct is indecent or obscene exposure. The crime of indecent or obscene exposure has been made illegal in Nevada Revised Statute section 201.220.

N.R.S. 201.220 is a statute found within Chapter 201 of Title 15. Chapter 201 is the part of Nevada law that details all different kinds of offenses against public decency and good morals. Offenses made illegal in Chapter 201 are serious crimes and a mere accusation of violating these laws can damage your reputation and your future. Conviction could also result in jail time and, in some cases, could result in required registration as a sex offender.

You cannot afford to take accusations lightly if you are accused of violating any provisions of Chapter 201, including violating rules prohibiting indecent or obscene exposure. If you are accused of a violation of N.R.S. 201.220, you should reach out to a Vegas criminal defense attorney at LV Criminal Defense as soon as possible.

The compassionate and knowledgeable Las Vegas clothing laws professionals at our firm have provided representation to many defendants accused of breaking laws related to obscenity, lewdness, and indecent exposure. We can put our legal knowledge of Nevada’s criminal code to work to help you determine how best to respond to the serious accusations against you. Depending upon the nature of the prosecutor’s evidence, this could mean helping you to raise affirmative defenses, to negotiate a plea agreement, or to fight to introduce reasonable doubt so a prosecutor cannot prove your guilt.

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Nevada Indecent Exposure Laws

Indecent or obscene exposure involves showing your private parts. Typically, this includes showing your genitalia, your backside, or a woman’s breasts. Open or indecent exposure offenses do not require a prosecutor to prove that you intended to engage in sexual activity or that you intended to cause offense to others.

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Defendants can be convicted if they engage in public sexual activity, if they flash their privates to others, or if they engage in exhibitionist behavior. In many circumstances, intoxicated individuals and partygoers engage in public sex acts with willing partners have been convicted of indecent exposure.

Conviction has very serious consequences for your future, so you need to understand the risks when you’re accused. According to Nevada Revised Statute section 201.220, a first offense of indecent or obscene exposure could result in conviction for a misdemeanor offense.

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If a defendant is convicted of a second act of indecent exposure, the defendant could be charged with a Category D felony. Both a gross misdemeanor and a Category D felony could result in imprisonment. In some cases, defendants could also be forced to register as a sex offender if convicted of obscene or indecent exposure.

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When you are accused of indecent exposure, you should work with an experienced attorney to determine the strength of the prosecutor’s case against you, to understand possible defenses, and to determine if you wish to plead guilty and try to get a reduced charge or penalty or if you wish to go to court to try to fight against conviction.

LV Criminal Defense can assist you in making a strategic plan for responding to accusations of indecent exposure. Our Vegas defense lawyers can fight on your behalf in court or out of it to help you get the best outcome possible when you are facing serious charges that could affect the rest of your life.

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