Nevada Laws on Harassment Explained by Defense Attorney

Harassment- Definition; penalties

Nevada defines the offense of harassment in Chapter 200 of Title 15, which is the chapter of the state’s penal code that details crimes against persons. There is a harassment and stalking subcategory in which the offense of harassment is detailed and specific penalties are laid out.

If you have been accused of harassment, you need to know how Nevada law treats this crime so you can make smart, informed choices about how you will defend yourself against accusations that could change your life. Because the law is complicated, it is always best to talk with an experienced attorney who can provide you with help in responding to harassment charges.

A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney at LV Criminal Defense has the experience and skill you need to fight charges that are brought against you. We have a long track record of successfully representing defendants who have been charged with harassment, stalking, and other crimes against persons. We know how prosecutors approach harassment cases and we can help you to raise the best possible defenses in court or negotiate aggressively for the best plea deal possible to reduce penalties and charges that you face.

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Harassment Defined in Nevada Revised Statute Section 200.571

Harassment is defined in Nevada Revised Statute section 200.571 within the harassment subcategory of Chapter 200. According to the relevant law, a defendant can be found guilty of harassment if the defendant has acted without legal authority and made certain specific threats to a victim. Making any of the following threats could result in a defendant being convicted of harassment:

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• Threatening to cause bodily harm in the future to the person who is being threatened.
• Threatening to cause bodily harm in the future to any other person.
• Threatening to cause property damage to property belonging to the person being threatened or to property belonging to any other person.
• Threatening to subject the person being threatened or any other person to restraint or physical confinement.
• Threatening to do any other action intended to cause substantial harm in connection with physical or mental safety either to the person being threatened or to any other person.

In order for a threat to constitute harassment, the alleged harasser’s words or conduct must cause the person who is being threatened to be in reasonable fear that the harasser’s threat will actually be carried out.

If a prosecutor secures a conviction for harassment, possible penalties will vary depending upon the specifics of the situation. If the defendant is convicted of harassment and it is his first offense, he will typically be convicted of a misdemeanor offense unless there are aggravating factors. However, if the defendant is convicted of a second or subsequent offense of harassment, the defendant will be convicted of a gross misdemeanor offense.

The statute also makes clear that even if a defendant is convicted of harassment and is subject to misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor penalties, the victim who is being harassed is still free to seek any other available legal remedy in connection with the defendant’s conduct. A conviction and the imposition of penalties under N.R.S. 200.571 will not preclude the victim from pursuing other courses of action to hold the defendant accountable for threats.

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Jail time is a possible penalty for both gross misdemeanor charges and misdemeanor charges. You will also be left with a criminal record if you are convicted of harassment. You don’t want to find your life derailed as a result of a harassment conviction, so you should reach out to a Las Vegas defense attorney as soon as you have been accused of harassment so you can fight the serious accusation against you. LV Criminal Defense can put together a sound legal strategy and help you try to reduce or avoid consequences for a harassment accusation, so give us a call today for assistance.

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