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If you find guilt then you must go to jailNevada law imposes criminal penalties for libel under certain circumstances. The crime of libel is defined in Nevada Revised Statute section 200.510 as a gross misdemeanor offense that is committed when a malicious defamation is publicized by any means. A malicious defamation could include a defamation that blackens the reputation of the dead; impeaches the honesty, virtue, and integrity of the living; or exposes the natural defects of any person, community, or association of persons.

Writers can be charged with the crime of libel for disseminating the defamation via any medium. In addition, publishers and editors could also be charged with the crime of libel and could be convicted unless they can prove the defamation was published without their knowledge or against their wishes and they made an immediate well-publicized correction.

The section of the law that defines the crime of libel also establishes certain rules regarding where and when a writer, editor, or publisher can be prosecuted for the crime. These rules relate to the venue for criminal proceedings and the statute that sets forth these rules is Nevada Revised Statute section 200.540.

LV Criminal Defense can provide you with assistance understanding the rules for venue and the other rules relevant to a criminal libel case if you are accused of libel and are under investigation or if charges have been brought against you. You should contact our Las Vegas criminal defense law firm for help as soon as possible when you are involved with the criminal justice system because being convicted of libel could result in you facing jail time.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 200.540: Venue in Criminal Proceedings

According to Nevada Revised Statute section 200.540, anyone who publishes a libel anywhere within the state of Nevada could be prosecuted criminally in any county in Nevada where the libelous content was published or where the libelous content was distributed. However, if a defendant is charged with libel in any one particular county, that defendant cannot also be prosecuted for libel in another county as well.

This law is an important one because it limits the number of prosecutions that could occur as a result of libel. The law makes clear that you can be charged for libel and prosecuted only in one county total in the state of Nevada for the same instance of libel against the same individual. If this rule was not in place, it could be possible for you to face prosecution in multiple different counties since the law allows for prosecution anywhere the defamation was published within the state of Nevada.

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However, because you can be prosecuted in any county where the defamation was published or circulated, you could find that the county you end up being prosecuted in is a county that is not convenient to where you live and work. This makes it more difficult for you to cope with criminal charges if you have to travel a long distance within Nevada to get to the county where you have been charged with wrongdoing.

Whatever the circumstances of your case, LV Criminal Defense will try to help you ensure that your involvement with the criminal justice system is as stress-free as possible and has the minimal impact possible on your life. This means not only vigorously defending you when you are faced with charges, but also helping you to resolve your case as quickly as possible and with the minimum number of possible court appearances if you are being charged in a venue inconvenient to you.

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